Saturday, November 5, 2011

Photos From My Trip To Bicester Village

It's Bonfire Night tonight! Princess has been coming home from school for the past week reciting rhymes about Bonfire Night which I never heard of! But it's just so cute listening to her reciting with her crisp English accent mixed with a bit of American accent, that if you don't look at her, you would assume that it's an English-American girl speaking! :)

So if the weather will be good this evening, there will be some firework displays. Perhaps, we might hop over to our friends' place where one of them had bought GBP150 worth of fireworks! Madness, I know! But apparently in the UK, there are only 4 days/nights in a year when you can play with fireworks, that is Chinese New Year, Diwali, Bonfire Night and New Year's eve or day.

Today, I want to share with you some photos taken during my trip to Bicester Village last month with Hubby.

Along M40, in Oxfordshire

Reaching Bicester Village

At the entrance to the shops

Outside The Cosmetics Company Store (the outlet for Estee Lauder Companies)

Inside the Cosmetics Company Store

See the huge number of Estee Lauder Surreal Violet(top photo) and Blue Dahlia(above photo) eyeshadow palettes from last Fall?

Wondering around, posing for photos ;)

Cowshed pop-up store which opened the following Monday after we went there on a Thursday! It will be there till January 2012.

Inside Cath Kidston store

There is an Italian cafe, called Carluccio's, that has plenty of Panettones, the traditional Italian Christmas cake, which we bought one for our Italian friends. :)

We stopped for a Creme Brulee Macchiato at Starbucks, in between shopping, and also grabbed a crepe from Creperie Amelie............
Photos to be cropped...........