Saturday, November 26, 2011

Photos From Our Thanksgiving Dinner

Yes, this is actually our first year that we are really celebrating Thanksgiving. In the previous years, we used to order ready-roasted turkeys and cranberry sauce and stuffings etc for Christmas when we were still living in Malaysia.

Anyways, this year, my brother-in-law is here with us for Thanksgiving and Hubby decided that we will roast our own turkey and have a Thanksgiving dinner. And we invited our Italian friends over as well.

So for the past week, I had been reading up on how to prepare a turkey and how to roast it, looking online for recipes of cranberry sauce, etc.

In the end, I managed to come up not only with a roasted succulent yummylicious turkey, but also 2 types of cranberry sauce and other sides, including roasted corns, stuffings and mash. :) And mostly a one-man show.....yes, I made almost everything, with Princess helping to make the cranberry sauce with apples and cinnamon, and Hubby marinading the turkey because I am squirmish when it comes to handling raw poultry (albeit a frozen one!) and preparing the gravy from the giblets. It's really strange that I have no qualms handling anatomical specimens but when it comes to raw meat and stuffs.... OK, I will not gross you out.............

So, here you time!

The Thanksgiving turkey

Setting the table


Cranberry sauce with apples and cinnamon
It's interesting how when the cranberries start to boil, they really popped and we can hear the popping sounds and even see them popping. Though a word of caution, don't look directly over the pot, as one almost popped onto my face!;)
Then they slowly turned the colour of the mixture red and turned into gel consistency.

Cranberry sauce with orange juice (photo taken while I was cooking it)

After 4 servings of turkey......... that's how Princess looked like - stuffed and satisfied, though I think she looked more cheeky than satisfied! ;)

Have a nice weekend!


hanidee said...

Oh wow, that turkey looks delicious! Glad to see you had a time with your family! (:

Vonvon said...

Thank you, Dee! :)