Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hello Kitty Liberty Collection Haul From Boots - Shopping Day With Princess

I took Princess out shopping with me last Wednesday as her school was closed due to a national pension strike.

Now we hardly go out shopping together anymore. And she has been complaining to me about that and told me that she misses going shopping with me like we used to do, almost everyday, back when we were still in Malaysia.

We went to buy mostly stuffs for the party goodie bags for her friends for her upcoming 5th birthday party and also some birthday presents for some of her friends whose birthday parties she will be attending in December. Huh! Seems like Princess is socialising more than I do now! ;)

And we dropped by Boots as well. And I really have to smack myself on the head and really hard, for being blur! Yes, blur! I had been to that particular big Boots store for so many times, and I never realised that there was an upper floor. Those times when I was there, I was wondering how come that Boots didn't have all the 3 for 2 Christmas gifts on display. If the small Boots in my village town doesn't carry the Hello Kitty Liberty collection, then I am sure the big Boots would have them. And I was really disappointed for not being able to get some of the Hello Kitty Liberty stuffs.

I was just so glad I took Princess shopping with me that day, and the moment we entered the store, she asked if we could go up the escalator. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Till then only I realised OH DEAR, there was an escalator there and there was an upper floor! LOL!

So we went upstairs and TA-DAH!!!! A huge variety of all the Christmas gifts, and needless to say, Hello Kitty Liberty Collection was right THERE!

OK, so our haul..................

Hello Kitty Liberty Hello New Day Alarm Clock (GBP14)
I had wanted to get an alarm clock for my bedside for the longest time, since every morning previously, I was using the alarm from my phone. When we saw this, Princess and I both unanimously agreed that we have to get it!

Hello Kitty Liberty Eye Love Hello Kitty Smoky Eye Kit (GBP12)
Then she saw this eyeshadow set, and insisted that I have to get this for her. And I was like....why? She doesn't use eyeshadows and if she really wants and needs to, like for her school Christmas play, she is always welcome to use my stuffs. There was a REASON.

And later, I found out why she was so insistent on getting this, and even argued that if I buy for her, then she would definitely use it! Hmmm......

When we came home, and I opened up the box.....then she realised that the eyeshadows are the mono colours, and not the colourful Hello Kitty designs on the packaging! Muaahahhaa!
She actually thought on first impression, that the eyeshadows were the designs on the packaging and that they (as in the eyeshadows) were so colourful that she had not seen such kind of eyeshadow before.
And then, she was like, "OK, Mum (in a heavily accented voice), you can have my eyeshadow set..... But if I want to use it, you must let me have it, OK?!"

OK, whatever! :P

Hello Kitty Liberty Hello Eyes Eye Shadow Compact (GBP8)
They are on 3 for 2 offer, so this compact is the free gift.
It's a no-brainer to choose this. I could have taken another Smoky Eye Kit to make my money worth, since the Smoky Eye Kit costs GBP12, while the compact is GBP8. 3 for 2, the cheapest free. Anyways, when I first saw this compact online back in September or October, I knew I want to get it. So, it's just perfect, isn't it?

Swatches and reviews coming up next week.

Have a lovely weekend!


Jamilla Camel said...

I got a LOT of the Hello Kitty collection at Boots to give out as gifts this year! So Kawaii!

Vonvon said...

Hi Jamilla,

Yes, I agree! So kawaii. They surely make wonderful gifts.
I know I will be delighted to see them under my tree on Christmas morning.

gio said...

What a cute collection,love it!

Vonvon said...

They are, gio! Cute yet elegant, and not too kiddy! But kids love it too, especially my little girl. said...

Super cute packaging :)