Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Photo-less Post: Pining For MAC - The Computer & The Makeup; Shopping @ Selfridges - SUQQU & Tom Ford

Hello, hello!

I know the title of this post sounds funny and totally beauty-unrelated, except for MAC Cosmetics. But my apologies..... Most of my photos are in my laptop and it has some problem now.... Thanks to bloody Skype and I have to wait for it to be fixed. :(((

So from now till after the New Year, posts will be scarce and photo-less as I am blogging with my iPad which is the original version one. And I have not any photo in my iPad storage. Microsoft Windows really sucks! This year alone I already had several problems with my laptop which, of course, uses the stupid Microsoft Windows! I think it's really time to change to Mac, though I have to re-learn using the computer again technically speaking!

And speaking of Mac, the computer, I have been waiting for months now for my iPad 2 and MacBook Pro..... Fuh!!!! I shall not delve further into this or I am afraid this post will end up filled with vulgarities and obscenities! Grrrrrrrr!!!!!

And oh yeah, MAC, the cosmetics..... I was in London last week, and managed to pop into Selfridges. MAC counter in Selfridges was so crowded with people that I ended up not checking the Holiday collection out, though I kinda wanted to get Such Flare lipstick, yes, the red one. Besides, buying MAC from Selfridges, I can't use my MAC Pro discount, and I didn't have the time to go to Fouberts Place to the PRO store. Well, that's the only free-standing store (also a Pro store) that I know in the Oxford Street area. I know there are many many MAC stores in London, but really I was so pressed for time that day that everything was just rush, rush and rushing. So I didn't go around finding a MAC store! And we, yes, I was in London with Hubby and Princess, almost missed our return train back to our village! Haha!

So, what did I get from Selfridges then???

I have taken so many photos of my haul, but now I can't upload them....grrrrr..... Damn you, Microsoft! Damn you, Skype!
I can just tell you for now..... I hauled the last set of SUQQU 2011 Christmas Makeup Kit B with the white pouch and Usuchaori eyeshadow palette for £55 and Tom Ford eyeshadow palette in Sahara Haze for a whopping £62!!!! Anyways, I am really happy and satisfied with my haul.

(The one good thing, and only one good thing about blogging from the iPad is that I can use the £ sign when writing down the price of a product, as yea...I am a noob, I would type GBP using the stupid Microsoft Windows!)

Just quick descriptions of the 2 eyeshadow palettes...........

SUQQU Usuchaori eyeshadow palette is part of the brand's Christmas sets, and it comes with a white make up pouch, a 4g eye cream, and a 50ml eye make remover. The eyeshadow palette consists of neutral brown and beige colours. I already have 2 other palettes on my wish list - Komorebi, which has a very beautiful light green shade, and Mizuaoi, which has a pink and blue shades. I swatched them at the counter, and the eyeshadows are very smooth in texture and nicely pigmented.

Tom Ford's Sahara Haze is predominantly a green/dark green palette. It has a pale yellow shade which is good as a highlight colour, but this shade turned out white in most of my photos. The other 3 shades are different shades of green in various finishes. The next Tom Ford palette on my wish list would be Burnished Amber! :)

Again, my apologies for not being able to show you the photos just yet. I wish I could..... Sigh......

So long for now...........

Here's an early greeting to readers of Vonvon's Interests who are celebrating....... A very Merry Christmas!


gio said...

I'm sorry to hear you have some problem with your laptop again. How awful and frustrating! I hope it will be fixed soon.

mamaceo said...

sorry to hear that >.<
It happened to be before.
Hope it will be fixed soon. Can't wait to see the photo of ur haul :)