Friday, April 29, 2011

A-Blush-A-Day, No. 5: Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush Earthy Blush No. 7 - Swatches & Review

Today, on Day 5 of A-Blush-A-Day project, I will show you something more high-end. And since today is also the Royal Wedding, which I have been watching since morning, and updating periodically on my Facebook page ;), let's speak about a British brand, Burberry! Yes, the blush I am reviewing today is Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush Earthy Blush No. 7, which is also part of the Burberry Beauty Spring/Summer 2011.

Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush Earthy Blush No. 7

(Again, it's Saturday early morning in Malaysia and the Far East, but it's just past 9PM over here on Friday. And I am still hoping to catch a glimpse of what Catherine Middleton or now, Duchess of Cambridge, is wearing to the dinner party at the Buckingham Palace. I couldn't earlier, as I was preparing dinner for my own HRHs ;) and now multi-tasking, trying to get this post up as soon as I can while trying to get my Princess to bed!)

Let's take a look at the packaging first. If you have followed this A-Blush-A-Day series for the past few days, you'll notice that I have reviewed mostly the blush itself, then the swatches and not paying much attention to the packaging except may be the Anna Sui blush which I reviewed on Thursday, etc. OK, I know it's not the most ideal reviews I had written, but I wanted to pay more attention to the product(s) per se, and partly also because of the time factor. I have quite limited time to blog recently and at the same time, I still have my moments of teary outbursts because of my Dad, and I also WANT to go back to Malaysia so badly!

Well, that's quite a bit of digression.

I think the packaging of Burberry Beauty makeup products deserve a mention, as it is relatively new in the market, what more in Malaysia, which was just launched at the end of January this year, and of course, the packaging incorporates the iconic lines of the Burberry check and architectural columns.

The blush comes housed in a black velvet pouch which has the Burberry check design (pic above), and the casing is custom designed with an innovative soft magnetic closure.

The surface of the casing is highly-reflective that it makes quite a bit of a problem to photograph without having to see the reflection of my camera or even myself! But that said, it is a sleek, simple yet elegant metallic casing, again, with the iconic lines of the Burberry check.
And it feels quite weighty too.

This is yet another very natural-looking blush.

Actually, when I first saw this, I was like.... WHAT?! You called that a blush? That looks more like some face powder to me! How am I going to wear it as a blush if it looks almost the same as my skin tone. OK, may be I am slightly more yellow(undertone). ;)

Anyways, very soon, I discovered the 'magic' behind this Earthy Blush shade.

On the pan, it looks, well, as you can see in the photo above, like the colour of some earthy clay or like some very clean white-beige sand. Again, I have to mention that I really like the Burberry check pattern embossed onto the surface of the blush. (I know I am very cheong hei = long-winded)

It comes with a brush which is very well-made, and the bristles feel soft. I have been using the brush provided to apply this blush since I started using it - very convenient! And it picks up just the right amount of product and deposits the blush onto my cheeks easily.

The blush has a soft and silky smooth texture with good pigmentation, and the intensity of the shade can be built up easily. At the same time, it's difficult to go overboard with such kind of shade even if you were to 'overdose' on it, that is using a heavy hand when applying it. Well, the most you would get, in my opinion, would be a very tanned look (for someone NC25 like me). I would say this blush has a matte finish.

One swipe of my finger on the blush picks up a fairly good amount of product.

Swatches of Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush Earthy Blush No. 7
Left: 1 swipe of the blush and swatched onto my inner forearm
Right: Several swipes of the blush and blended onto my inner forearm

It is a very light brown/beige shade with a matte finish.

So, how do you think it would look like on my cheeks?

On my cheeks

In the look above, my face wasn't well-prepped as I had just applied some compact powder onto my face. But you can see a slight pale brownish tint on my cheekbone area.

In the photos above and below(different lighting), I had applied Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SPF30/PA+++ onto my face. FYI, on my eyes, was just a wash of Korres Shimmering eyeshadow in 24S Gold.

Now can you see the rosy glow on my cheeks? The pink rosy glow is more prominent in the photo above that was taken indoor by the window on a sunny day. And this was what I meant by 'magic' earlier. It looked plain beige on the pan but on my cheeks, it gave a warm rosy glow to my face.

The photo below was taken around the same time I took the photo above, but I was facing the window directly and the glare from the sun outside sort of washed out the colours. But you can still see the radiance as though I was using a bronzer.

*Some application tips taken from their Press Release
Apply Burberry natural blush on the hollow of your cheek to slim face or apply it at the top of the cheek to lift the face.

I think because of its shade, this blush can also be used for some light contouring. I will try to do it in another post.

This retails for RM140 (7g), £29.00 in the UK, and is not limited edition, though it is part of the Burberry Spring Summer 2011 Collection. And some may feel that it's rather pricey, I think it's a fair price considering the amount of product, how well-made the packaging is, and it's Burberry after all! And another good thing to note is there is almost no mark-up in pricing at all, taking into account the current exchange rate of £1~RM4.90 (approximately, at the time of writing).

*This product is part of the goodie bag I received at the Burberry Bloggers' Party in Malaysia in March 2011.

If you are new to my blog, this is the 5th post of A-Blush-A-Day project. Basically, I will feature one blush a day for 30 days. If you have missed the previous posts, here you are.
Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4

P.s. Please take a peek at what the brain behind this A-Blush-A-Day project, Jennifer, Elaine, and other bloggers who participated are up to with their blush collections.

Haul From Boots & Space.NK.apothecary

Good morning, my dear readers! It's the weekend again. And today, it's a public holiday in the UK because of the Royal Wedding. I think it's gonna be broadcast live on one of the BBC channels. Princess has been talking a lot about it, as they were telling the kids at school about it. So now, Princess knows "Prince William is going to marry Kate, oh no, it's Catherine. Her name is Catherine, Mummy, do you know that?" Oh, yea..... She's just so sweet with all the wedding talks and she's been acting out weddings between her Pooh Bear and Kanga, etc etc.

Well, I might be watching it on TV with Princess in a few hours' time, so here is a quick post of my haul this week from Boots and Space NK.

Boots is having their 3 for 2 on 1000s makeup items, so I decided to pick up Barry M Dazzle Dust #78 Kingfisher -
£4.50 (thanks to Gio, who did the swatches some time back), and I decided to get this one to try. I have been waiting for the Boots 3 for 2 Mix & Match for quite a while since their last one during the last holiday season which I wasn't around as I was back in Malaysia. Instead of buying 3 Dazzle Dusts and paying for 2, I decided to get myself some nail polishes from 17. Was reading in Just Nice Things blog about 17 nail polish in Royal Indigo and got that. For the 3rd free item, I got another 17 nail polish in Peacock which is a blue teal shade, quite similar to GOSH Ocean nail polish. But 17 Peacock is cheaper, 8ml for £2.99, versus GOSH Ocean, 8ml for £4.99. Quality-wise, I can't compare as I have not used any of them. But I will review these polishes when I put them on.

Barry M Dazzle Dust 78 Kingfisher

17 nail polishes
Peacock (left) and Royal Indigo (right)

And finally, I got my lemming NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Nouveau Monde from NARS Spring 2011 collection from Space.NK.apothecary, Space NK for short.

I posted the above photo on my Facebook page few nights ago and no one guessed what was inside. ;)

NARS Duo Eyeshadow Nouveau Monde (£23.50)

And the good news is, or may be bad, depends on how you see it..... NARS Summer 2011 collection would be available in store next week! :D Well, it's bad news for my pocket, for sure. ;)

And I happened to drop by an Estee Lauder counter inside the Boots where I was shopping, and their Summer Bronze Goddess collection will be available next week too. I have been lemming for the Pink-Teal Shadowstick Duo. And next week will be May. Yay!!! My birthday month!

So, readers in Malaysia, are you excited that Sephora Malaysia has finally opened its doors? Have you been to the Sephora? Did you haul anything? Are you going again this weekend, or during your lunch hour coming up soon?

P.s. A-Blush-A-Day, No. 5 will be up later, may be much much later, but it will be something British. :) Can you guess which one will it be?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A-Blush-A-Day, No. 4: Anna Sui Face Color Accent G 350 - Swatches & Review

On Day 4, I will show you a blush from Anna Sui, Face Color Accent G 350, which is a pink blush with some silver-white micro-glitter but on blending, turns into some sort of matte finish but with a sheen (a bit like pearl finish). I had purchased this blush for a while and almost forgotten about it. Guess it's time to give it some love. ;)

Anna Sui Face Color Accent G 350

OK, this pink blush with some lilac undertone is not as easy to photograph to get its true-to-the-pan colour. So I will just try to describe as accurately as I can here.

It's a whitish pink with lilac undertone. It has some micro-glitter in it, which is not a bother to me, and after blending, the glitter would fall off, leaving a sheer matte finish but with a sheen. (See below for the swatches)

The texture is quite smooth but the blush itself feels quite hard. When swatched with my finger, it does become slightly powdery on the pan (fall-out). This blush is moderately pigmented, and I had to swipe several times before getting the intensity of the color below.

I didn't test the wear time of this blush, as I had just swatched and played with it yesterday evening, and that was the first time (*blushing) I was using/playing with it. But I didn't notice any fading until when I removed it last night, and that was after about 3 hours.

Something to note, while I like the tea rose scent of all Anna Sui beauty products, this blush has only a very faint scent. Perhaps, I have bought it for quite some time and the scent has faded. And of course, Anna Sui products have very cute and girly design and packaging. The blush itself has the Anna Sui rose etched on it.

This blush compact comes with a small brush, which isn't too small (really) for my face. I would say that the brush quality is reasonably good.

Swatch of Anna Sui Face Color Accent G 350
Swiped several times to get the swatch on my hand (above)

Swatch of Anna Sui Face Color Accent G 350
Left: Without blending, you can see some tiny specks of white glitter
Right: After blending, sheer matte finish

On my cheeks (taken on the same evening, but at different parts of my home, hence the variation in lighting)

This blush (3g) retails for RM91, and is not a limited edition. I think it's pretty pricey for 3g, but then Anna Sui products are known for the cute design and packaging, so I guess you pay not only for the product itself, but also the cuteness of its design and packaging! ;)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A-Blush-A-Day, No. 3: MAC Pink Cult Powder Blush - Swatches & Review

The 3rd blush to be featured for Day 3 of A-Blush-A-Day project is MAC Pink Cult Powder Blush, which was part of the MAC Jeanius Collection (March '11).

MAC Pink Cult Powder Blush

Described as mid-tone dirty neutral pink, it's a soft pink shade with blue undertone, with matte finish. Although you can't see much of a color in the swatch below, it has a smooth texture and easy to swatch with good pigmentation. (Originally written by me here. Sorry for recycling my words and even photos. Pretty busy lately, and a bit depressed too.)

Swatch of MAC Pink Cult Powder Blush

This blush is highly pigmented. (Sorry for poor lighting in the photo). It swatches a beautiful soft blue-pink and on my cheeks, it gives a pink glowy radiance. Even a touch of my blush brush (Stila brush #24) onto its surface would pick up quite a lot of powder. It's quite soft, but there is no powdery fall out. Do use a light hand when applying this blush, and slowly build up the intensity of the colour to what you want.
I wore this all day for about 8-9 hours on different days and for different occasions, and at the end, I still see the same pink glowy shade on my cheeks.

On my cheeks (photos taken on various occasions and under different daylight conditions)

Because of its matte finish, it doesn't enhance the imperfection on my skin, not that I have too many to begin with, ;) but at least my pores are not visible. In fact, I think it even makes my skin appear smoother.

This retails for RM75 (6g), and is limited edition.

*This product is a press sample provided by PR.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A-Blush-A-Day, No. 2: Palgantong Kamayaki Cheek #04 Cappucino Brown - Swatches & Review

The blush for the A-Blush-A-Day project Day 2 will be Palgantong Kamayaki Cheek #04 Cappucino Brown.

(This post will be published on Wednesday, 27 April, morning, Malaysian time, but as I am preparing this post now, it's still Tuesday, 26 April, night over here. So it's still Day 2, yea... ;) I couldn't prepare this post earlier as I went to another town this afternoon to pick up my NARS Nouveau Monde :D and some stuffs from Boots since they have their 3 for 2 Mix & Match going on now. I'll take pictures of my haul in the morning.)

It's another baked cheek product again, but I promise for No. 3, it will be a powder blush.

Palgantong is actually Japanese but its products are mostly made in Korea.

Palgantong Kamayaki Cheek #04 Cappucino Brown
From the box: An ultra-fine duo color blusher that has a marbleized shade on one side and a complementary mono-shade on the other. They are bakedfor 24 hours in Terra Cotta Pans, which are well-known for retaining moisture. You can wear these two shades separately or mix them to create a tailored shade. The finish result is sheer and radiant.

The mono shade side is a slightly shimmery light brown while the marbleised side is a mixture of different light brown shades and creamy white. They both swatched sheer with a fair amount of fallout. But its pigmentation is average. On my cheeks, the finish is quite sheer with some shine and frostiness.

The blush comes with a small flat blush brush housed in a compartment beneath the blush, and right below the blush, there is a small mirror too(see pic below). While the mirror is good on-the-go, I find that I hardly use it. Nevertheless, such kind of mirror can always come in handy.

The blush brush
Normally I wouldn't use the applicator, be it a brush or sponge applicator(for eyeshadow) that comes with the product. However, this brush is quite well-made, and the bristles feel soft. It's not too small that it can apply the blush on my cheeks well.

Swatches of Palgantong Kamayaki Cheek #04 Cappucino Brown

As you can see above, the swatches are sheer, but pigmentation is average. It has some tiny glitter in it, but generally, the finish, especially when swirled, is rather frosty.
I got about 3 hours of wear with it, after that, I can only see some slight glitter.

On my cheeks (under various lighting and different ways of application)

In the above picture, I swirled the brush all over the blush, and you can see on the brush, how much blush it picked up. Applied on my cheek - you can see a rather frosty finish, more of a glow, but with a slight pinkish tint.

The above collage (and below) shows application of the blush duo with the marbleised part on top and the light brown part below. So the marbleised part sort of acted like a highlighter, highlighting my cheek bone, and the light brown gave a slight contouring effect.

I can't really say if I like this blush or not, but I do use it quite often. As the shade is so light and sheer, it makes a good everyday blush for me which makes my skin glow and looking radiant.

This retails for RM79 (10g) and it's available in 4 different shades at SASA stores in Malaysia.

*This product is a press sample provided by the manufacturer, and not SASA Malaysia.

Photo: Nails Of The Day(NOTD) - MAVALA Nail Colour Cream Riga 56

I wore this nail polish which almost matched the color of the dress I wore to the Easter party organised by our Russian friends.

Review and more photos will be later.

Monday, April 25, 2011

A-Blush-A-Day, No. 1: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish - By Candlelight - Swatches & Review

As I have posted at the end of last week, I was inspired by a blogger, Jennifer, to do this A-Blush-A-Day project. Actually, for me, I think I should do something like An-Eyeshadow/palette-A-Day kind of project (being so crazy over eyeshadows and palettes), and as I remember, I had planned to do this some time back. But somehow, all the procrastination got the better of me, plus so many things which have happened recently just made me slack a bit from blogging. Well, at least, I did some EOTD Marathons last year, which in a way, helped me to use some of the eyeshadows and palettes from my stash. I know I haven't done one in a long, long time. I will try to do one when I have more time to myself (God knows when will that be? *rolls eyes*). I will try to find the time....hopefully.

OK, back to this
A-Blush-A-Day project. Basically, everyday, I will feature a blush from my collection (I have to stress again that I didn't realise that I would have so many blushes in my current stash), for the next 30 days. But knowing me, I wouldn't call each post as Day 1, Day 2 and so on, as on some days, I may not be posting about a blush (for so many reasons I can't think of, right now ;) ). So I would just name each post by No.1, No. 2, etc. And not every item is exactly a blush. So, really I don't have exactly 30 blushes in my stash. Some are bronzers, stains, MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes, etc. which I also use as blushes sometimes, may be often, too.

Anyways, my main objective of doing this is to try to fully utilise the makeup products that I have, especially those that are usually at the bottom-most of my drawers. It's not that I don't like them, but I am just so used to using the stuffs that are ON my dresser, that I got lazy to dig out other stuffs IN the drawers to use.

OK, let's start this project with MAC
By Candlelight Mineralize Skinfinish.


Some words on MAC Mineralize Skinfinish (MSF)..............
From the MAC website: A luxurious velvet-soft powder with high-frost metallic finish. Smoothes on: adds buffed-up highlights to cheeks, or an overall ultra-deluxe polish to the face.

So, basically it's a powder in baked form, and can be used for different makeup purposes. Personally, I have used MAC MSF (particularly By Candlelight) as a highlighter, a blush, an eyeshadow, highlight for under the brow, and also as an allover face powder(to set my foundation or BB Cream). SometimesQuite often, I also use it on its own on top of my sunblock, just as a face powder, on my super-lazy no-makeup days! Some MSFs, especially the more bronzy/brown ones, can be used as a bronzer too. But I don't think I own a MSF in that kind of shade. I do use By Candlelight for light contouring. What a multi-tasking product, isn't it? :)

Most of the MSFs, unfortunately, are limited edition. So, I will have to apologise for reviewing something that is/may not be available anymore. But there is always a chance that MAC will repromote them in future collections.

MAC By Candlelight Mineralize Skinfinish
(photo above taken under indoor yellow lighting)

MAC By Candlelight Mineralize Skinfinish
(photos above and below, taken under natural daylight)

This By Candlelight MSF which I purchased was from MAC In The Groove collection (July '10), but if I am not mistaken, Warm & Cozy Collection (January '10) had it too. However, I read somewhere (can't recall at the moment) that there was a slight difference in tone between the one from In The Groove and the one from Warm & Cozy.

So, why do I choose By Candlelight as the first one to be featured in this project?
That's because I have been using it (almost) every time I put on my makeup since I bought it in July last year when it came out with In The Groove collection. And I use it in various ways as have been mentioned above (in bold letters).

Let's move on to By Candlelight itself......why is this baby my go-to for almost everything?
It is a soft beige shade with pink undertone and some fine gold veining. The gold veining in mine (pictured above) is not so visible. It has some metallic, but more gilded finish. Its texture is soft, and swatches smoothly, with excellent pigmentation. It imparts a sheen when applied on my cheeks with a pink glow. Once on my cheeks, it lasts for hours without much fading. I would say I get at least 5-6 hours of wear each time, but then, that's usually how long I have my makeup on an ordinary day. Even on those days that I had my makeup longer than that, at the end of the day, I could still see some residual shimmer, and glow.

As an allover face powder or to set my foundation/BB Cream, I use a big powder brush (in my case, Stila brush #8) to apply it. I think you can use a duo fibre brush too, but I haven't tried with that kind of brush.

While as a blush, I just use a small blush brush to apply it, using a very light hand and slowly build it up. Once, I applied too much and boy, was it a pain to blend it out, as it made my cheeks look so shiny and artificial. Not too mention, how it 'highlights' some of my pores! I had to use a makeup wipe to wipe my cheeks lightly before re-applying.

If I were to use it as an eyeshadow, more like a wash of shimmer on my lids, I would use an eyeshadow brush, of course.

Anyways, we are talking about it as a blush here.

OK, just FYI, I often use By Candlelight as an allover powder, on top of my foundation/BB Cream, and most of the time, I would receive compliments from friends and strangers, on how my skin is glowing.

Swatches of MAC By Candlelight on my arm (for your reference, I am NC25).
Left: Swatch made indoor under yellow lighting

Right: Swatch made under natural daylight

On my cheeks (under various lighting and on different days)

The 2 photos above were taken under natural daylight but on a cloudy day.
It gives a light bronzy glow with pink undertone. They were taken some time back.

These 2 photos(above and below) are the latest ones.
Taken under natural daylight (indoor, by the window).

This retails for RM115 (9g). But some other MSFs I have are 10g. I will mention it when it's their turn to be featured. Either way, you get quite a lot of product. And despite having used it so often, mine still has the dome shape and not any sign of dip yet.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Laneige Mother's Day Gift Sets

How about getting your Mom a Laneige beauty gift set this Mother's Day which falls on 8th of May 2011? Available now at Laneige counters. While stocks last.


Always wanted to give your mother the perfect gift for Mother’s Day but never really knew what to get? Wonder no more as Laneige is offering three options of exclusive mother’s day gift sets to choose from. These sets are designed specially with mothers in mind to meet their different needs and preferences. Each gift set themed ‘Eternal Youth’, ‘Fair Radiance’ and ‘Beauty & Vitality’ comes with popular Laneige products and a pretty lace cosmetic pouch.

The ‘Eternal Youth’ set consist of the sought after Laneige Perfect Renew range. This anti-aging range promises to make mothers feel younger with its skin-friendly Ceramide Repair Water that targets source of aging such as dryness. Besides that, its Skin Renewal Peptide properties act as skin protein to activate anti-aging care within the skin to restore youthful looking skin. When used together, the products in this range promises to care for your mother’s skin by preventing signs of premature ageing while giving her a more contoured complexion so she feels young again.

Eternal Youth – RM199 (worth RM325)

  • Perfect Renew Essence (40ml)
  • Perfect Renew Skin Refiner (10ml)
  • Perfect Renew Emulsion (10ml)
  • Perfect Renew Essence (5ml)
  • Perfect Renew Cream (8ml)
  • Perfect Renew Eyes (2ml + 2ml)
  • Lace Cosmetic Pouch

‘Fair Radiance’ is packed with yet another favourite range among Laneige consumers, the White Plus Renew. This would be the perfect selection for those who would love to see their mother in a new light. Products in the White Plus Renew range provides intensive and meticulous care especially on the apply zone, which is the eye and cheekbone area with its three-step melanin blocking system for overall fairness and radiance. This set will definitely make your mother glow with delight in renewed, brighter and crystal clear skin.

Fair Radiance – RM199 (worth RM355)

  • White Plus Renew Essence (40ml)
  • White Plus Renew Essence (10ml)
  • White Plus Renew Eye Serum (3ml)
  • White Plus Renew Dual Foundation No.21 (8ml)
  • White Plus Renew Eye Mask (2 sheets)
  • Lace Cosmetic Pouch

For those who would like to give their mother a burst of energy and gorgeous looking skin, the ‘Beauty & Vitality’ set is just the right choice. This set contains products from the Hydra Solution range that supplies and retains moisture to the skin with Laneige’s unique Snow Water Science Technology. This Water Solution Formula penetrates deep into the skin to leave it clean and clear from impurities, while keeping it soft and supple to the touch. With this set, your mother will feel fresh, rejuvenated and confident about the way she looks.

Beauty & Vitality – RM199 (worth RM329)
  • Hydra Solution Essence (40ml)
  • Hydra Solution Activator (5ml)
  • Hydra Solution Cream (10ml)
  • Hydra Solution Eye Cream (5ml)
  • Hydra Solution Mask (2 Sheets)
  • Lace Cosmetic Pouch

Go ahead and get your mom the perfect gift this Mother’s Day from any Laneige beauty counter nationwide at only RM199. The gift sets will be available from 23
rd April onwards, while stocks last.

*Italicised text, product description and images are provided by PR