Saturday, July 30, 2011

Unveil The Surprise With!

Malaysians, especially women, will now have a reason to rejoice as (pronounced as ribbons), an online luxury goods and services portal aims to boost its presence in Malaysia! is a member's only shopping site that offers luxury items and services at a discount of 30 to 70 per cent off retail prices. Founded by two young entrepreneurs, Daniel Lim and Benjamin Han in March 2009 during the height of the recession, the concept of ‘affordable luxury’ came about when they recognized and converged two upcoming trends - the increase in consumer appetite for luxury goods despite the economic condition and the increase of e-commerce activities.

“ offers members a new suite of luxury retail and lifestyle offerings at their fingertips from high-end fashion, home furnishing to fine lifestyle and travel. Reebonz Fashion, which offers 100% authentic goods from designer brands such as Prada, Gucci, Coach, Burberry and Miu Miu is already a hit amongst members across the Asian region. Reebonz City, which offers city centric, luxurious health and wellness, food and beverage products, exclusive events as well as vacation packages are also making waves into the Malaysian shores,” said Samuel Lim, Chief Executive Officer of

Operating on a flash sale format where each private sale is termed as an ‘event’, items sold at are available for a limited time, which lasts two to three days. It takes two simple steps to gain access to a plethora of fabulous goodies – first, sign up as a member for free at using a valid email and personal password, followed by confirming Reebonz Account via email verification. Members can then immediately commence their online shopping experience with much confidence. In addition, members will not miss any sale event as they are constantly notified on upcoming sale events for various high-end brands and services through daily emails. currently accepts payment via Paypal and best of all, Malaysians get to enjoy instalment payment schemes via credit card from participating banks. The portal has also entered into an agreement with MasterCard Worldwide recently to provide MasterCard cardholders of select banks with greater discounts, privileged sale previews and exclusive access to private sale events. offers a 14-working day return policy and currently delivers to 16 countries free of charge. Delivery takes between three to five days subject to customs clearance and members are exempted from paying custom duties and taxes.

“ is all about delivering the ultimate luxury shopping experience to the members. Being physically present in Malaysia with an office right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur will also allow us to increase product offerings that are Malaysia-centric such as fine dining, lifestyle, travel and accommodation packages whilst improving our services to the local members. Through, every Malaysian can now own a bit of luxury and shop online with trust in just a few mouse clicks. Not forgetting, the value they are getting is absolutely gratifying!” concluded Lim.


Based in Singapore, is a member’s only shopping site that offers 100% authentic luxury items and services at a discount of 30% - 70% off retail prices. Its range includes Reebonz Fashion, Reebonz Home and Reebonz City. Reebonz Fashion offers designer apparels, handbags, accessories and shoes whereas Reebonz Home offers luxury home decor. Reebonz City offers a range of lifestyle services/experiences and travelling and accommodation. For more information, please visit

*Information is from Press Release sent by PR. I have no affiliation to the company, and the links are non-affiliated ones. I haven't purchased from this site before, so I can't tell you more about it.

Please do share you experiences if you have purchased from them, and tell us how the offers are like. :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Nails Of The Day (NOTD): MAVALA Lagoon 153 Nail Polish - Review, Swatches

Happy Friday, everyone!

I have just been pretty lazy again this week, and Princess has been a little under the weather too.

This is the 4th NOTD post this month. And I have to apologise for not updating more often with a variety of topics. Somehow I just don't have the motivation nor the patience to blog and cropping photos, respectively. And another reason is now I am using Safari browser and I find it a bit difficult to upload multiple photos for my blog post. I don't know why, but it really irks me that I have to upload one or the most 2 photos at a time. :(

Anyways, you have been seeing quite neutral nail polish colours recently in my blog.

So today, I will show you a little more colour on my nails. :D

Lagoon is a turquoise-teal shade with cream finish. The formula of this one is a little different from the other 2 MAVALA nail polishes I have tried. This one doesn't apply quite evenly, and doesn't dry as fast either. I have to put 3 coats to cover up the unevenness in application, though 2 coats are enough to get an opaque finish.

Click here for review and swatches on Riga 56, and here for Liberty.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Nails Of The Day (NOTD): MAVALA Liberty Nail Polish - Review, Swatches

Here is another MAVALA nail polish, Liberty, from the MAVALA Colour Collection Gift Set (see pic below). This gift set's original price is GBP32, but I got it, again at Debenhams, on sale for GBP16. And that works out to be GBP2 per 5ml bottle of MAVALA nail polish! Yay!

I would call Liberty a nude colour with cream finish. It's actually a creamy beige colour (a bit cafe au lait, with a lot of lait! :P). But on my nails, as you will see in the following photos, it looks as though I am not wearing anything, but my nails look glossy.

It's definitely a work-safe colour and for everyday wear. A while ago, when I started playing with nail polishes, those brightly coloured ones to be exact, I found such shades to be a bit boring. Then, I realised I can't really wear a bright orange or a bright teal to the lab or the office, can I? That said, I think red is still acceptable for work. What do you think?

As with other MAVALA nail polishes, it dries quickly and 2 layers are enough to get an opaque glossy finish. It has good staying power of about 2 days before I notice any tip wear or chipping. But one good thing I like about such colours is that even when it starts to wear out and chip, it's quite difficult to notice them unless someone or even yourself were to stare intently on the nails!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hauls From London Trip: Inglot, Giorgio Armani & MAC

These are hauls from last month's day trip to London when my Mum and sis were visiting.

Not too much but at least, I got the first's of my Inglot eyeshadows, a Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense Eyeshadow, and some MAC stuff from their PRO store in Soho, London. And I got some clothes from Uniqlo on Oxford Street.


I knew no matter how short of time I was that day, I had to drag myself to London Westfield to the one and only Inglot store in the UK (??) to get some Inglot stuffs to try out. Because I don't know when is the next time I will go down to London again.

Glad I did, and I got all the eyeshadows at discount of 10% to 50% off.

I left going to Westfield till the end of the day, like less than 2 hours before I was due to catch the train. So, I was in the store for less than 10 minutes. But I just couldn't decide on the shades of the eyeshadows that I wanted. I knew I was going to get eyeshadows, but really, I was overwhelmed! Luckily, I had noted down the numbers of the eyeshadows that I planned to get, so I settled for a 2-pan Freedom System palette. The eyeshadow each cost GBP5 (~RM25, slightly cheaper than in Malaysia which costs RM28 per eyeshadow), but with 10% off. And the 2-pan was GBP3 (~RM15), also with 10% off. So I paid a total of GBP11.70 (~RM58) for the 2-pan palette with eyeshadows. Yup, that was about to be my small little first haul from Inglot.

Then, when I was at the till, I saw some small boxes of eyeshadows, lipsticks, etc on the counter which were on 50% off! Of course, colours were limited but each eyeshadow was only GBP4.50 (original price GBP9 each). Without much thinking, I picked up a light blue double sparkle eyeshadow and a matte yellow one.


Earlier during the day, I went to the MAC PRO Store in Soho. By that time, I haven't been purchasing MAC for a while, because there is no MAC store where I live! Anyways, that time was a few days after the launch of MAC Surf Baby collection. I picked up Swell Baby and Sun Blonde eyeshadows, and I saw Miss Behave Mineralize Blush from Quite Cute Collection (from Spring 2011), so I got that too.

I saw the MAC Flighty Bouncy eyeshadows, checked some out, swatched some, but somehow it didn't quite attract me. It's like liquid eyeshadows, but a little thicker. I have read that Rimmel Colour Mousse 8 hr is similar, so I got the Rimmel one instead. That'll be another post.


Then, further down on Oxford Street, I went into Selfridges, and headed straight to the Giorgio Armani counter. After reading so many reviews on the Eyes To Kill Intense eyeshadows (GBP24.50 each), I planned to get #6 Khaki Pulse and #2 Lust Red. But the counter was sold out of Lust Red, so I paid for Khaki Pulse, and went to Harrods to the other Giorgio Armani counter, and they were sold out of Lust Red too. :( Seems like it's quite a popular colour.

But I have read in some blogs that L'Oreal Paris Color Infallible Eyeshadow is kind of similar to the GA Eyes To Kill. Wouldn't be surprised since both brands are under L'Oreal. Some weeks later, back in my town, I was in Boots, and checked out the L'Oreal Paris Infallible Eyeshadows. I found one, 013 Burning Black, which was somewhat similar to Lust Red. I don't think it's a dupe, but well, close enough. And I forgot to take pictures of the swatches I made at the GA counter in Selfridges. :( That's the thing about going shopping with non-shopaholics, and with so limited time! :(
The L'Oreal shadow cost only GBP5.49 (original was GBP6.99), and I bought it using my Boots Advantage points!

I have started using some of hopefully I can come up with some posts soon.......

Have a nice weekend!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nails Of The Day (NOTD): MAVALA Riga 56 Nail Polish - Review, Swatches

I think nail polish is one of my latest craze, though at this moment, I am not wearing any on my finger nails.... letting them have a rest from chemicals. :) On my toe nails is China Glaze Summer Escape 108 Degrees.

I have been hauling quite a bit of MAVALA nail polishes recently, as I keep on finding them on sale at Debenhams. I am not sure if all Debenhams have a bargain section like the one near my place has. And this is not a 'clearance' section either. Anyways, of course I ain't complaining.

Riga 56 is a cream finish nail polish. It's a very pale pink shade which applies well without too much streaking and 2 coats are enough to get a decent finish. And it dries pretty quick too. It stays on my nails for about 2 days before I start to notice some nail tip wear, quite good considering how much hand washing I do a day.

Because of the subtlety of the colour, it is suitable for daily wear and is also work-safe.

This bottle (5ml) is part of a 3-piece set for Breast Cancer Awareness which I purchased at half-price (GBP4.97) from Debenhams.

And MAVALA nail polishes are 3-free: NO Dibutyl phthalate, NO formaldehyde, and NO toluene.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Swatches & Review Of Sleek Makeup Caribbean Collection: Aruba Blush & Bonaire Pout Polish

Here are swatches of the latest Sleek Makeup Caribbean Collection Aruba Blush and Bonaire Pout Polish. I will dedicate a separate post for the Curacao eyeshadow palette.

I was really looking forward to this collection, even more so than the Mediterranean Collection when I have seen them online way back in Spring. And it surely didn't disappoint.

I have been to the Mediterranean region, but I have not stepped foot on the Caribbean, and some of my students are there now for a summer school. Fingers crossed.... when I find someone I can trust my Princess with, Hubby and I will go on our second honeymoon to the Caribbean! :D

Sleek Makeup Caribbean Collection Aruba Blush

When I set my eyes on the Aruba blush, my first thought was to NARS Taj Mahal blush. I don't have Taj Mahal but I am happy with Aruba. Not to mention, Sleek blushes cost only GBP4.29(8g), versus NARS GBP20.50(4.8g)! OK, I know it's not really fair to make a comparison like this. But in terms of the price tag, don't you agree?

Sleek Makeup Caribbean Collection Aruba Blush
It matches the colour of Papaya Punch nail polish from China Glaze Summer Escape collection.

Aruba is a bright true orange in the pan. Scary to some, I suppose. It's very pigmented with good colour pay-off, but swatches orange which can be toned down to a more coral-like orange. Just a slight touch of the brush on the pan is enough to apply the blush on one cheek. And don't forget to blend it out. Like the other Sleek blushes I have tried, Pomegranate and Santorini, they last all day on my cheeks, that's about 8-9 hours!

Sleek Makeup Caribbean Collection Aruba Blush and its swatch(below)

Sleek Makeup Caribbean Collection Aruba Blush on cheek

This is the first time I am trying Sleek Pout Polish which comes with SPF15 for sun protection of your pout! It is described as a tinted lip conditioner.

Sleek Makeup Caribbean Collection Bonaire Pout Polish

I have read some people don't agree with the scent of the product, but to me it's fine. It smells something like coconut candy to me, not really my favourite kind of scent, but nevertheless, it doesn't bother me. It applies a very sheer layer of colour (pale 'yellow' orange) on my lips, not sticky, and does keep my lips moisturised. It lasts about 3-4 hours on my lips without drinking or eating.

Sleek Makeup Caribbean Collection Bonaire Pout Polish

Sleek Makeup Caribbean Collection Bonaire Pout Polish - swatch

Face Of The Day

In this look, I was wearing minimal makeup. Sunplay BB Cream SPF36/PA++ on my face, set with MAC Pink Power MSF. Aruba Blush on my cheeks, and Bonaire Pout Polish on the lips.

Photo: Sleek MakeUp Caribbean Collection

Sleek MakeUp Caribbean Collection

There is a long story behind this......... ;)

This collection was supposed to launch on the 6th of July 2011. So I went to the Superdrug store which was actually not so near to where I live which had Sleek Makeup on the launch date, but there were only testers of the above 3 products on the shelf.

Below is an excerpt of my email to Superdrug Customer Relations detailing what happened (edited to spare you my rants at them!):

But to my disappointment, there were only testers of the products of
the Caribbean collection, but no products for sale, except for one
miserable Bonaire pout polish. I inquired to the staff of the
particular Superdrug store, where I was told there would be more
delivery to the store the next day which was the 7th of July, today!
But just in case, I asked for the store phone number so that I could
call in the morning of the 7th which was today morning, to make sure
that they receive delivery of the Curacao palette and the Aruba blush
before I decided to head to the store which was almost AN HOUR AWAY FROM MY HOME ONE WAY!!!

I called this morning, and one of the staff at Superdrug store
answered the phone and checked for me on their computer system (the
handheld device) and saw that there were 2 Curacao palettes and 2
Aruba blush being delivered to the store. So I told her to hold the
palette and the blush for me as it will take me an hour to
get to the store!!! Since the quantity delivered was so minmal that
it's almost like a joke being such a highly publicized collection by
Sleek Makeup in so many beauty blogs, I just didn't want to take the chance.

And my worst FEAR came true when I finally got to the store which is the nearest Superdrug to where I live which has Sleek Makeup, to be told that ACTUALLY THERE WAS A MISTAKE IN THEIR INVENTORY SYSTEM (in the handheld device) and the items mentioned which showed 2 each when I called, now were showing ZERO!!!

And what is this NONSENSE??? Is it some kind of a joke, or poor management??

Anyways, the Superdrug staff at the store which I went to
was very helpful and apologetic, and helped me to call the Superdrug
Customer Service line, and spoke to someone from Superdrug customer
service, told him all about my situation......................


To cut a long story short, I was told to email Superdrug Customer Relations which I did, on the very same day of 7th July and till today 19th of July, I have not received any reply from Superdrug!

But I also sent an email to Sleek MakeUp to which I received a very apologetic reply the very next day. And the Sleek staff who replied to my email was so polite and apologetic that to show their sincerity in apologising, sent me the Caribbean Collection the following week. So Kudos to Sleek MakeUp! You really know how to keep your loyal customers loyal to your brand!

And to Superdrug, I am still waiting for a reply from your Customer Relations!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Light Box - The Simplest Version

This is a simple version of light box that I made (you can call it a lazy version too! ;P), based on the idea from Rae's blog.

Basically I took a medium-sized rectangular box (I used an Amazon delivery box), pasted a huge piece of white paper onto the inside of the box, as shown, with excess on the bottom. There you go! ;)

Here is a photo I have taken of a recent haul using the light box. I use natural lighting, but it seems that we are having quite a cloudy summer.

I got the 2 eye products above at a real bargain of £1.99 each at TJ Hughes. I have read a lot about the Rimmel Colour Mousse, and its similarities to MAC Flighty Bouncy Shadows. But since there is no MAC store near me, and I have seen those Bouncy Shadows in the MAC Pro store in Soho, London, but didn't purchase any, so I decided to get one of the Rimmel's to try out. And before I could fork out £4.99 for it at Boots/Superdrug, I saw some of these, in limited shades, at TJ Hughes. Haha!

As for the Maybelline's Dream Mousse Eyecolor, I think it's a past limited edition thingy or something but I have tried one of the Dream Mousse blush, and love it, so decided to grab that too, also for £1.99.

More on these later......

To my loyal readers, if you are still around, my sincere apologies for the lack of updates and sporadic posts. I still love blogging and hauling beauty stuffs, but lately, I am somehow devoid of motivation to blog for so many reasons that I shall not rant here.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Nails Of The Day (NOTD): China Glaze Summer Escape 2011 - 108 Degrees; Review, Swatches

Sorry for the long silence again after posting last week. I just got lazy, and well actually got hooked to The Apprentice Series 7 and had been catching up on it on the BBC iPlayer. Oh, where have I been? Normally, I am not really interested in reality shows but Hubby just got me interested in this season's.

Anyways, here is a NOTD of China Glaze Summer Escape 2011 108 Degrees nail polish.

It's a bright raspberry pink with shimmer. Why is it called 108 degrees? I find that this collection has very 'off' names in relation to their actual colours. Anyways, I reckon that this could mean it's HOT, if 108 degrees refer to Fahrenheit. And yes the summer temperature has been pretty hot over here these past weeks, and hope it will continue. *fingers crossed. And yes, I think tis colour is HOT! I am currently wearing it on my toe nails. But the photos are that on my finger nails.

108 Degrees is definitely easier to apply than Electric Pineapple. May be because it has a shimmer finish compared to Electric Pineapple which has a cream finish. The consistency is quite runny, but the first coat does not give an uneven finish. So I ended up with only 2 coats (as you see in the photos below). And each coat takes about 5 minutes to dry.

Well, I wasn't going to speak about how long this lasted on my nails, as I have mentioned previously, no matter how good a nail polish is, how expensive or cheap(in price) they are, nail polish will not last longer than 24 hours (48 hours, if I am lucky) on my nails, because of the amount of housework that I have to do everyday! But surprisingly, this lasted about 3 days before I noticed some nail tip wear, and by the 4th day, it started to chip slightly on the edges.

What do you think of this shade?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Miss Blogging......

Sorry for being MIA for the past 2 weeks or is it more?

My laptop got some really nasty infection which Hubby took 2.5 days to fix it, and after that I had like some phobia to go online with the laptop and was just using the iPad to go online.

Then I just got busy with work which I had finally completed yesterday. So looking forward to Summer now...... and blogging again..........

I have been hauling a quite a bit recently, especially when my Mum and sis were visiting, and during my mini retail therapies, as a little escape from work stress.

And I managed to make a light box, and have been photographing my haul and other beauty products using it. :)

OK, just a little 'hello' for now........ Will share with you my hauls (which I got mostly on sale from drugstores, etc, then there's the haul from London), looks I did using the Sleek Monaco i-Divine eyeshadow palette from the Mediterranean collection, NOTDs, etc etc....

And there is also some rants on Sleek Makeup and Superdrug as well...... I will talk about it later. Right now, I am still waiting to hear from their customer service people!

Feathers in the sky......
I took this photo one evening, I just happened to look out the window after dinner, and saw such a beautiful formation of the clouds. :)