Monday, August 29, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Eid Mubarak From Vonvon's Interests

Wishing all readers of Vonvon's Interests who are celebrating..............

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri &

Eid Mubarak!

Magazine Freebies September 2011: RED - Balance Me Moisturising Body Wash; Elle - MAVALA Nail Polishes

I picked these mags and their freebies from the airport newsstand before leaving for Malaysia. Initially I had planned to buy 3 copies of September issue of Elle for the 3 different shades of MAVALA nail polish, but when I saw the Balance Me Moisturising Body Wash that came with RED September issue, I decided to forego the red Mavala nail polish. I didn't want to carry 4 magazines in my carry-on! ;) And I figured red is quite a common colour for nail polish, though I have to say the Elle Mavala red polish was very beautiful. Orange and Grey are more uncommon shades of nail polish.

As for the RED magazine purchase, I had always wanted to try out Balance Me products, but so far, I have only seen them in Waitrose and I don't have a Waitrose near my place. :S

Have a good week ahead!

To those who are celebrating, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Eid Mubarak!

To those who are on holiday this week, enjoy!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Review: Copa Cabbana Fig Tea Baby Shampoo & Body Wash

Best for baby, best for me..... that's the tagline from one of those brands for baby products. I can't help but to agree! :)

Of course, whatever products that are safe for a child would be safe for use by adults too. Perhaps, the efficacy of a product for child may be less on the adult as the ingredients used may be milder.

Anyways, when it comes to Copa Cabbana Fig Tea Baby Shampoo & Body Wash, oh dear, I just wish they have not put in the word 'baby', so that I could have used it without any guilt of 'fighting' with Princess! ;) You can read more on this product here, and the brand here.

Yes, I LOVE this, but.......
Basically, any new product that I get for Princess' use, I will test it out on myself before giving it to her. So, I used it to wash my hair and as a body wash!

As a shampoo.........

And the result was baby-soft and smooth hair (for me) after cleaning, but the only downside was the product was quite mild, with slightly runny consistency. I ended up using quite a large amount of product (about 4-5 pumps, since it came in a pump bottle). For my about-shoulder length hair, 4-5 pumps of a shampoo to wash my usually dry hair and scalp was a bit too much. My usual shampoo, be it L'Oreal or Dove, to name a few brands of shampoo I use, I need only 1 pump or if it's a pour bottle, about the amount, equivalent to the size of a Malaysian 50sen coin. Anyways, I tried using just 2-pump amount and I couldn't clean my hair properly.

Of course, this product is made for babies/toddlers/kids, and not for adults. ;) So when used on Princess' long hair, her hair now almost reaches her waist, 2 pumps were enough to wash and clean her hair (usually sweaty by the end of the day from all her play activities), leaving it so soft and smooth like silk with a wonderful yet subtle fragrance between fruity and floral. Actually the scent almost reminded me Johnson's baby shampoo (in a good way! :D). It didn't make her hair tangled up after washing either. Princess simply loves this product very much! Each time, she combs her hair after showering, she would always comment to me on how soft and smooth her hair is.

As a body wash...........

Again, Mummy tested this as well before letting Princess use it on her body. For me, this is just a normal body wash which I need to use a lot to clean my body. The only plus point for me is that my skin doesn't feel dry nor itchy after using this. Before I forget, Princess and I received this product and a few other Copa Cabbana products when we were in the UK. The weather there makes our skin, mine and even Princess', quite dry. So we put on body lotion after shower, though I just get lazy most of the time. However, after bathing with this product for several times, I noticed that my skin didn't feel dry after showering.

As for Princess' baby smooth skin, it cleans very well and doesn't dry out her skin. But anyhow, she would diligently apply her California Baby body lotion after shower, sometimes, even sneakily and cheekily uses my Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter! ;)

So, those are our thoughts on Copa Cabbana Fig Tea Baby Shampoo & Body Wash.

What about the product itself?

Copa Cabbana is a company based in Hong Kong which prides itself on using natural ingredients, essential oils in their freshly hand blended products*. But when I read the ingredient list on the products, some of them are actually chemicals. It doesn't really bother me, but I was expecting the ingredients to be all natural. literally. Perhaps some of you may place more importance on such things, therefore I felt compelled to mention it.

Nevertheless, this product does not contain harsh detergents, dyes and is sulfate-free*. This explains why the product doesn't lather up much.

The key ingredients used in this product are fig tea essential oil, jojoba oil, Aloe Vera and green tea extract.

Just some final thoughts...... a product meant for children can still be used by adults, but the efficacy may vary. If this were to be more easily and readily available to purchase, I would also use this for my daily showers. But since it's not, I'll just save the rest of the bottle for Princess. ;)

This product comes in a pump bottle with 250ml of product for HKD130 (~RM49.78; ~USD16.68; ~GBP10.20; EUR11.50).

Where can you get Copa Cabbana products?
Online on their website.

If you live in Hong Kong, you can get the products from some of their stockists. The list of stockists can be found on the website (link above), or Facebook page.

Friday, August 26, 2011

MAC Styledriven Collection For Fall 2011: Pro Longwear Eyeshadows - Photos, Swatches and Quick Reviews

MAC Styledriven Collection is due to launch in September 2011, but I got a little sneak peek on their eyeshadows in-store a couple days ago. And without wasting any time, I swatched them all, snapped photos, all 16 of them, and here you are! :D

Boy, when was the last time I managed to go to a MAC store when a new collection is launched? It seems like aeons ago, but back in Malaysia, there are plenty of MACs around me! :D Unlike the town in the UK where I live. I really can't imagine living in a place where there is no MAC! :P

Please pardon the not-so-good quality photos as these were taken under the store yellow lighting, and I was in a hurry that day, as always. ;)

And before you start to scream or cry for yet another lemming-worthy MAC collection, products from this collection are supposed to be permanent.

Generally, the colours are gorgeous, brights with some neutrals, with good pigmentation and colour pay-off, with the exception of a few, which I will point out as I go along describing each individual colour. Most of them have buttery smooth and 'creamy' texture that makes swatching easy. I would say that most of them have texture between a hybrid of Veluxe Pearl and Mega Metal eyeshadows.

I can't say about the wear time yet, as I have not tried any on my lids.

MAC Styledriven Collection Pro Longwear Eyeshadows

MAC Styledriven Collection Pro Longwear Eyeshadows
Top, L-R: Carefree, Sunny Outlook
Bottom, L-R: Hot Paprika, Tease With Ease

Swatches of MAC Styledriven Collection Pro Longwear Eyeshadows
L-R: Carefree, Sunny Outlook, Hot Paprika, Tease With Ease

Carefree - Pale yellow with a hint of gold with a frosty finish. Would make a great highlight colour.
Sunny Outlook - Yay! for another yellow eyeshadow. This is bright yellow with a slight frost finish.
This yellow is much prettier and brighter than the yellow shade from Double Feature 1 palette (MAC Colourization).
Hot Paprika - It's some sort of a burnt orange shade with a hint of coral with frosty finish. This shade reminds me of the orange shade from Double Feature 8 palette (MAC Colourization), but pigmentation of this is better and the colour richer.
Tease With Ease - It's a bright fuchsia shade with a slight frost finish, but it feels a bit chalky when I swatched it, and doesn't feel as 'creamy' as the above 3 eyeshadows. Nevertheless, it's a pretty colour with moderate colour pay-off.

MAC Styledriven Collection Pro Longwear Eyeshadows
Top, L-R: Fresh Flare, Styledriven
Bottom, L-R: Weathered, Thru The Night

Swatches of MAC Styledriven Collection Pro Longwear Eyeshadows
L-R: Fresh Flare, Styledriven, Weathered, Thru The Night

Fresh Flare - It's a bright kelly green with a frosty finish. It has some yellow in it. As much as I love green eyeshadows, somehow I am not too taken by this shade.
Styledriven - As the name of the collection. It's a baby blue shade with frosty finish.
Weathered - It's a greyish blue shade with a frosty finish. Together with Styledriven and Thru the Night would make a great smokey blue eye look.
Thru The Night - It's a dark navy blue with frost finish. This colour is slightly drier, not 'creamy' as the others, and slightly chalky when swatched. It looks similar to the navy shade in Double Feature 8 (MAC Colourization) but slightly better in terms of pigmentation and colour pay-off, compared to the latter which felt dry when swatched, and hard to get the colour to show up on my skin.

MAC Styledriven Collection Pro Longwear Eyeshadows
Top, L-R: Plush, One To Watch
Bottom, L-R: Pink Frontier, Sweet Satisfaction

Swatches of MAC Styledriven Collection Pro Longwear Eyeshadows
L-R: Plush, One To Watch, Pink Frontier, Sweet Satisfaction

Plush - It's a purple with blue undertone. It has a satin finish, and pigmentation is not as good compared to the rest of the eyeshadows. Slightly drier and chalky.
One To Watch - It's a light brown, slightly beige. It has a satin finish. Pigmentation is good and colour pay-off too.
Pink Frontier - Another kind of my favourite shade! It's a soft pink with frosty finish. I would use this as a base colour on the lids, pairing with, for e.g.: Hot Paprika and Tease With Ease, with black eyeliner. Or this would make a nice wash of colour on the lids!
Sweet Satisfaction - It's a soft beige colour with frost finish. Would make a great highlight colour and also for the inner corner of the eyes.

And now.....the browns and neutrals! The following 4 have good pigmentation and colour pay-off.

MAC Styledriven Collection Pro Longwear Eyeshadows
Top, L-R: Make Your Mark, Legendary Black
Bottom, L-R: Keep Your Cool, Lie Low

Swatches of MAC Styledriven Collection Pro Longwear Eyeshadows
L-R: Make Your Mark, Legendary Black, Keep Your Cool, Lie Low

Make Your Mark - It's a dark brown with satin finish.
Legendary Black - It's black with some green undertone/pigment. Its finish is satin though.
Keep Your Cool - It's a mid-tone grey with some brown.
Lie Low - It's a brown with frost finish.
Somehow, these 4 shades remind me of some of the shades from Urban Decay Naked Palette, but I don't have the Naked Palette with me right now to make any comparison.

I am glad MAC make this collection permanent. So there's no rush for most of us to get them. I just wish MAC could bring back the Mega Metal eyeshadows (from Peacocky Collection) and make them permanent as well. I missed out on the Peacocky Collection (January/February 2011) and there are still so many eyeshadows from that collection that I don't have!

Each eyeshadow is 3.4g and costs RM80. A good deal for quite a large amount of product.

So, are you getting any of the eyeshadows?
Which one(s) are your favourites?

Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Busy As A Bee; Shopping Haul In Malaysia - Photos

I try to post more often, but my apologies, somehow I just couldn't find the time. It's not an excuse but that's just what happened!

A while ago, I just sort of lost the motivation to blog. Then, recently, when I came back to Malaysia for summer vacations, friends and people I meet are encouraging me to blog, in so many ways. Now, I have lots of things to share with you, my dear readers. But lack of time is a factor.

Anyways, I am supposed to start on my Project 10 Pan when I come back to Malaysia for summer. I brought back 10 items, plus a few others, as I still have quite a lot of makeup in my stash here. Oh well, to cut a long story short, although I use those 10 items a lot (most of them are deluxe-size or samples), I still did quite a bit of hauling, especially MAC, as I have been ranting previously, there is not a brick-and-mortar MAC store in the town where I live in the UK. :(

Then I hauled the new My Beauty Diary masks from SASA, as well as theBalm Shady Lady eyeshadow palette, Vol. 3.

I bought some of the new My Beauty Diary Masks - Sweet Teatime series, from SASA. But I should have bought them from Guardian as they gave out freebies with purchase of MBD products. :S

And I made my first Chanel haul, yes, can you believe it? I have never purchased anything from Chanel before, but their new Illusion d'Ombre just caught my eyes plus some good SA I met, I bought 2 of them, #83 Illusoire and #84 Epatant. I haven't the chance to take photos of these yet.

A little teaser for now..... Will post more tomorrow.....

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Looks From Sleek Curacao Eyeshadow Palette: Blue Lagoon & Purple Haze

I haven't played too much with the Sleek Curacao Eyeshadow Palette. The other colour combination that I have used to create some looks, besides yellow and green, is blue and purple (Blue Lagoon and Purple Haze).

Eye Of The Day

Blue Lagoon and Purple Haze

Products used for the eyes

Blue Lagoon (sky blue shade) on the lid;
Purple Haze (deep purple shade) on the outer corner and blend into the crease;
Martini (off-white shade) as highlight under the brow and on the inner corner of the eye;
Line the upper and lower (outer) lash lines with MAC Pearlglide Liner in Designer Purple;
Dab Purple Haze on the lower lid (outer part) to smudge out Designer Purple;
Dab a bit of Martini on the inner corner of the lower lid;
Finish off with Maybelline Magnum Super Film Mascara.

Benefit Silky Powder Eyeshadow in Fishnets

Face Of The Day

Sunplay Skin Aqua Moisture BB Cream SPF36/PA++
MAC Pink Power MSF

Sleek Caribbean Collection Aruba Blush (applied with Etude House duo fibre brush)


Another EOTD with only Blue Lagoon on the lid and lightly blended up to the crease with Martini as highlight under the brow. Line the upper lash line with Essence Surfer Babe liquid eye liner in The World's Coolest.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Looks From Sleek Curacao Eyeshadow Palette: Screwdriver & Green Iguana

Sorry for being MIA again! I am back in Malaysia for summer holidays, have not proper Internet connection, and also been busy with countless family commitments, especially performing prayers for my late father for the 7th Lunar Month. And I have done some shopping as well, mostly for new clothes and shoes. As for makeup, I bought 3 MAC Semi Precious Mineralize Eyeshadows and 1 Mineralize Blush. I am just too lazy to take the train to the MAC counter in Sogo where they still have all the 4 Mineralize Skinfinishes from Semi Precious collection! I went to SASA and bought My Beauty Diary masks - Teatime sets, and also theBalm Shady Lady, Vol. 3 eyeshadow palette.

Anyways, today I want to show you some eye looks I have done with Sleek Caribbean Collection Curacao Eyeshadow Palette. I have used the yellow and pale teal - Screwdriver and Green Iguana. Description of the shades is in the post linked above.

Eye Of The Day

Screwdriver and Green Iguana

Products used for the eyes

Screwdriver (bright yellow shade) on the lids, and gently blend upward to the brow to get a gradation in tone;
Green Iguana (forest green shade) on the outer corner and blend into the crease;
Line the upper and lower lash lines with MAC Pearlglide Liner in Undercurrent;
Dab Green Iguana on the lower lid to smudge out Undercurrent;
Dab a bit of Martini on the inner corner of the lower lid;
Finish off with Maybelline Magnum Super Film mascara.

Benefit Silky Powder Eyeshadow in Fishnets

Face Of The Day

Sunplay Skin Aqua Moisture BB Cream SPF36/PA++
MAC Pink Power MSF

Sleek Caribbean Collection Aruba Blush (applied with a duo fibre brush, I used Etude House duo fibre brush)

Sleek Caribbean Collection Bonaire Pout Polish

Another EOTD with only Screwdriver and a brown gel eyeliner (I used Tsuya-Tsuya Gel Eyeliner in Cedar Brown Shimmer).

Have a nice weekend ahead!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Photos: Sleek Makeup Caribbean Collection Aruba Blush On Cheek

I have reviewed and made finger swatches of Sleek Makeup Caribbean Collection Aruba Blush last month. You can read and see them here.

Here are more photos of how the orange blush named Aruba looked on my cheek. For your reference, I am about NC25 now, got a wee bit tanned in summer. ;)

It isn't a scary and non-wearable blush, I have to say. With a light hand and applied with a duo fibre brush, it warms up my complexion and gives a healthy glow to my face.

Happy Friday, and have a nice weekend! :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Swatches & Review Of Sleek Makeup Caribbean Collection: Curacao Eyeshadow Palette; Comparison Between Monaco & Curacao

This palette is currently my favourite of the lot of Sleek Makeup eyeshadow palettes that I own. (I have 5 eyeshadow palettes from Sleek to date - Original, Sunset, Mediterranean (Monaco), Avoir le Peche, and this, Curacao from the latest Caribbean Collection!)

Between Monaco (from the Mediterranean collection which was released in June 2011) and Curacao, somehow I like this one more though prior to owning this, I think Monaco is one of the most beautiful palettes with some really gorgeous shades. I still like my Monaco palette but at the moment, it's Curacao that I am always reaching for. Compared to Monaco palette, Curacao has more vibrant and brighter shades. The colours in Monaco palette are more cool-toned, subtle and 'soft', while Curacao palette definitely has warmer shades, bright and loud! I think the cooler shades of Monaco palette are quite reflective of the elegance and serenity that are usually associated with that small principality by the Mediterranean Sea.

And of course, the bright and loud shades of Curacao palette surely represent the bright sunshine, warm breeze and liveliness of a party! Think Calypso! And the shades in Curacao palette are each named after a cocktail - Tequila Sunrise, Singapore Sling, Green Martini, Bloody Mary, etc.

Sleek Makeup Caribbean Collection Curacao eyeshadow palette

Curacao has a good mix of matte and shimmery shades. Generally, they have good pigmentation and colour pay-off with the exception of one or 2 shades. I think it's always the case with any eyeshadow palette. The shadows have soft and smooth texture.

The packaging is a black sleek casing with the word Sleek on it, and also labeled with the name of the collection and the name of the palette. Inside, it comes with a dual-ended sponge tip applicator which I never use. Each of the eyeshadow has a checkered pattern embossed on it, which Princess calls it, "they look like waffles!" :D

I do notice that even though most of the eyeshadows have good pigmentation, without an eye base, most shades last only about 4 hours on my lids before they start to crease and fade slightly. With an eye base (I am currently using Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in R.S.V.P. for most of my EOTDs), it prolongs the wear time of most Sleek eyeshadows to about 6-8 hours, vary depending on the shades. Beyond the 8th hour mark, I start to see visible creasing and fading on most shades.

Sleek Makeup Caribbean Collection Curacao eyeshadow palette

Swatches of Sleek Makeup Caribbean Collection Curacao eyeshadow palette

Swatches of the top row, L to R: Tequila Sunrise, Martini, Blue Hawaiian, Bloody Mary, Screwdriver, Green Iguana

Tequila Sunrise (shimmer) is a bright orange with yellow undertone. It has a smooth buttery texture, good pigmentation and colour pay-off.

Martini (shimmer) is an off-white shade which could be used for highlight under the brow. It has a smooth buttery texture, good pigmentation and colour pay-off.

Blue Hawaiian (matte) is a pale turquoise shade with poor pigmentation and colour pay-off, though it has a smooth texture.

Bloody Mary (matte) is an orange-y red shade (a bit crimson) with good pigmentation and colour pay-off.

Screwdriver (matte) is a bright yellow shade (my favourite colour from this palette) with medium pigmentation but quite good colour pay-off.

Green Iguana (shimmer) is a forest green which when swatched, is a tad lighter than in the pan but that's not a problem for me as it's the kind of green that I like. :) Its pigmentation is quite good, and moderate colour pay-off. Actually, it swatches a little on the sheer side.

Swatches of the bottom row, L to R: Apres Midori, Blue Lagoon, Purple Haze, Green Martini, Singapore Sling, Espresso Martini

Apres Midori (shimmer) is a leafy green with good pigmentation and colour pay-off.

Blue Lagoon (matte) is a deep sky blue with good pigmentation and colour pay-off. It has a smooth texture.

Purple Haze (matte) is a deep purple which kind of remind me of the colour of KMnO4 (potassium permanganate) in my Chemistry lab. ;) That's how this shade appears to me, don't mean it in a bad way. In fact, I like this kind of shade a lot too! It has moderate pigmentation and is somewhat slightly powdery.

Green Martini (shimmer/metallic) is a dark grey-green shade (gunmetal, perhaps?). The shimmer somewhat translates to some tiny chunks of silver-white glitter. I haven't tried this shade in a look at the time of writing. It is a bit on the sheer side when swatched. Pigmentation is good with quite good colour pay-off.

Singapore Sling (pearl/satin) is a fuchsia-pink. It is not as shimmery as the other shades that I have labeled 'shimmer' in this palette. It's between pearl and satin. Pigmentation is good with moderate colour pay-off.

Espresso Martini (matte) is quite a disappointment with poor pigmentation and colour pay-off and swatched very sheer. I haven't used this shade, but perhaps, it could be used as a base colour to create a smokey eye look from the other colours in the Curacao palette and other eyeshadows as well.

This palette has 12 x 1.1g of eyeshadows, available at Superdrug (may be it's already sold out in most stores) and (It's GBP6.49.)