Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadows in Illusoire 83 and Epatant 84 - Quick Swatches & Quick Reviews

I had actually planned to start wearing Fall colours this week! As in the makeup. But then we are having our second Summer this year, so I decided to wear those bright summer-y shades again, as if I have not been wearing them, ;)! Also I had wanted to remove all my Summer clothes from my wardrobe and put them in the storage while bringing out my Fall and Winter clothes. Good thing I haven't done that!

And pretty much, I have been wearing lots of MAC this month, but what can I do? *throwing arms up in the air. MAC came out with some great collections with gorgeous products this month, and also the next coming month - think Posh Paradise with those gems of Paint Pots, and the to-die-for MSF Lightscapade from Fall Colour Collection, OMG! That reminds me to call their PRO store in London to check on the release dates of these awesome collections!

Anyways, back to the subject that I want to speak about today.......

So, originally, I had planned to wear the new Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadows this week. And I could have, but I was pretty busy earlier during the week to play with new eyeshadows, so I decided to stick to my safe eyeshadow shades to wear to work - Benefit R.S.V.P. all over the lids, and Boots No7 Stay Perfect Eye Mousse in Fudge in the outer corner and crease. Will talk about those later.

Let's take a look at some photos of the Chanel eyeshadows and swatches. The colours are rather interesting. In some light, especially low light, they look kinda similar. And I find that it's quite difficult to photograph the colours true to the pan.

The product itself (both of them) are soft and spongy to touch, despite its 'grainy' appearance. It swipes smoothly, and the pigmentation is good, though you can vary the intensity of the colour depending on how hard you swatch it. I haven't worn this on my lids yet, so I can't say about its wear time, creasability (is there such a word? I can see it's already underlined in red), blendability, etc.

But believe me, I am dying to wear these eyeshadows, as of course, I am sure you have read lots of raves on these new eyeshadows form Chanel!

I paid RM110 in Malaysia (about GBP23 / USD36) for each of the eyeshadow (4g).

83 Illusoire
This is basically a dark plum shade with a metallic sheen, more than a shimmer.

84 Epatant
This is a silvery-pewter shade, also with metallic sheen.

Swatches of 83 Illusoire (left) and 84 Epatant (right)
Lightly swatched

Looks like these 2 shadows would be great in creating the Fall trend of metallic smoky eyes, wouldn't they?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Look: Summer In September - Sun & Sea With Sleek Curacao Eyeshadow Palette

Oh well, I am sure this combo of colours is nothing new. But yesterday it was so hot and sunny that I decided to bring out my beloved Sleek Caribbean Collection Curacao eyeshadow palette again to create a look. I knew I so wanted to use the orange eyeshadow in the palette, called Tequila Sunrise.

So here you are............

Eye Of The Day

Start by applying Screwdriver (a bright yellow colour, but not so yellow on my lids) on the lid from the inner corner to the middle 2/3;
Then apply Tequila Sunrise (a shimmery orange colour) on the outer corner in a circular motion and blend with the yellow, and into the crease;
Highlight the area below the brow with Martini ( a shimmery pale white colour), and blend it with the yellow and orange; dab a little Martini onto the inner corners of the eyes as well;
Use a small eyeliner brush to deposit Blue Lagoon (a bright sky blue colour) onto the lower lids;
Then finish off by applying Laneige mascara from the Mascara & Liner Duo.

Espresso Martini from the Sleek Curacao palette which is a matte black colour

Face Of The Day

Maybelline BB Cream

Clinique Blushing Blush Powder Blush in 121 Enchanted Bronze

Stila Lip Glaze Stick in Orange

Some stories on this look............

Princess commented when she saw this look, "hmmm, Mummy, the orange and the yellow eyeshadow is not quite enough. May be next time put more colours on your eyelids!" Yes, I quoted her word for word! :D

And Hubby saw this Curacao eyeshadow palette, and he was marvelling at how pretty, and bright and colourful it was! Wow! Rarely Hubby would comment on any of my makeup toys, but if this caught his attention, then it surely MUST be something! And it is certainly IS!! :)

How has your hump day been? Fret not, it will be Friday's eve tomorrow.... :D

Summer In September....Bla Bla Bla

I think as you can tell from the title, this is just another rambling post.

This week has been forecasted to be a warm week, with temperature in the 20's. Let's hope that this granny's summer will last for as long as it will last! It was so warm yesterday that I was walking home and I was drenching in my work clothes! I put on a light boucle jacket when I went to the lab in the early morning, and when I finished my lab session with the students, I came out from the windowless lab to a glorious sunshine afternoon. Of course, I was without my jacket, but I had on a long-sleeved shirt, and in dark colour. Oh my, even folding up the sleeves didn't help.

When I went to pick Princess up from school in the afternoon, I was only in a light summer dress and slippers! And I even took out my Sleek Curacao eyeshadow palette to create a look. I will upload the photos later. And this is the end of September already!

Anyways, just gonna enjoy it! If the warm weather continues, I am sure we will all be having a very busy parties, BBQs, country walk, etc etc......

And this Coca Cola cool pack will come in useful for a warm weather outing! But what's with the Diet Coke and Coke Zero??? Can't they just put in all normal Coca Cola?
Anyone here drinks Diet Coke or Coke Zero? ;)

By the way, today is the day Rimmel London The Union Jack Eyeshadow Palettes are launched in Superdrug, and will be available nationwide from 5th October 2011.

And also I am so, so waiting for the Hello Kitty Liberty stuffs to be launched in Boots in October. I was virtually window shopping on Boots website few days ago, and my Christmas shopping list has been drawn up! :) Christmas will come early, eh? ;) hopefully........

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tiara Jacquelina, MAC & The Secret Life of Nora

Last month, I had the opportunity to attend the in-store event at MAC KLCC for the upcoming musical in Malaysia, The Secret Life of Nora, where Tiara Jacquelina, will be playing the lead role of Nora.

The Secret Life of Nora

So just a quick summary of this musical set in a fantastical version of the 1960s. It's about Nora, a Malaysian prima donna who unknowingly becomes a spy and saves the lives of thousands of women. She falls in love with Roger, an international agent who helps her in her transformations from a stage Drama Queen to a skilled undercover spy. Nora's roller coaster of a journey is one of high adventure, love, comedic moments as well as tears, deception, self-doubt and ultimately, self-empowerment. *from Press Release

As MAC Cosmetics is the official Makeup Sponsor for this musical, the event last month was focusing more on the makeup of the cast of this musical, more importantly, the different looks that will be worn by Nora during the show. There will be 3 main looks to be worn by Nora (played by Tiara Jacquelina), created by a group of MAC Cosmetics makeup artists, led by Senior Artist, Haritha Shan. MAC has also put together a range of makeup colours for consumers who want to emulate NORA as a spy, NORA as the stage Prima Donna and NORA as her natural self taking inspiration from the 1960s in which the story of NORA is set in. I will feature the face charts of these looks and the makeup products in another post on interview with Haritha Shan, MAC Senior Artist.

Tiara Jacquelina, looking so elegant, giving an introduction on her upcoming musical, The Secret Life of Nora

At the event, I conducted a short interview with Tiara Jacquelina, who will be playing the lead role of NORA, and also the President of Enfiniti Vision Media, the company which produces this musical.

According to Tiara, this is the 4th collaboration between Enfiniti Vision Media and MAC Cosmetics. Previously, MAC had been the Official Makeup Sponsor for the award-winning musical, Puteri Gunung Ledang, and P. Ramlee, The Musical, also produced by Enfiniti Vision Media.

Interview with Tiara Jacquelina, who is so warm and friendly :)

Tiara herself, is a big fan of MAC Cosmetics, having used MAC since 1995! She shared with me that she still owns some of the older MAC products which have long been discontinued. Not only does Tiara use MAC makeup for theatre and films, but she uses them all the time, on a daily basis, as all the MAC products are so versatile, with a great variety of colours which can take her from day to night. Besides, she added, MAC foundation is very suitable for her skin and complexion and for her long hours of work, it doesn't cake and last a long time.

For the NORA musical, Tiara has been assigned a MAC Makeup Artist, Shahrom, who will be working on her makeup throughout the duration of the musical, starting on 29th September 2011 (this Thursday) till 16th October 2011. And I happened to know Shahrom personally, as a friend, and he is an awesome and creative makeup artist, as are all the other MAC Makeup Artists that I know.

So, for more information on The Secret Life of Nora musical, tickets, etc, you can visit their Facebook page and Tiara's Facebook page.

More photos from the in-store event at MAC KLCC last month.......

Tiara Jacquelina, having her makeup done by MAC Makeup Artist, Shahrom (top and below)

The many faces of NORA
L to R: Models/cast wearing the look of NORA the Prima Donna, NORA the Spy, Tiara herself, and NORA her natural self

Tiara Jacquelina, cast and some of the MAC Makeup Artists
Far left: Tiara's husband, Dato' Seri Mohd Effendi Norwawi

Tiara Jacquelina and her supportive Hubby, Dato' Seri Mohd Effendi Norwawi

Tiara Jacquelina and me

Stay tuned for more makeup looks of NORA!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nails Of The Day (NOTD): Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Enamel #11 Shimmering Coral; Review, Swatches

Yesterday, I excitedly blogged about my first Bourjois haul. And one of them is a nail polish, Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Enamel #11, called Shimmering Coral. I found out the name after Googling it. Normally, I wouldn't use my new haul/stuff right away. But yesterday afternoon, I just decided to play with this new nail polish, but I painted only on the finger nails of my left hand.

Actually it looks more of an orange to me than a coral. May be orangey with some hint of peach. And it has fine multi-coloured shimmer in it. One thing to note, although I bought this in the Clearance bin in my local chemist, I think this nail polish is still available for sale in Boots and Superdrug, and I saw it on the Bourjois UK website too. Also, this is not a new product in the market.

OK, let's talk about the bottle first. It has a very elegant svelte design with a long and hourglass-like cap. I really like the design.

Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Enamel #11, called Shimmering Coral

And this nail polish has a new innovation of a fan effect brush. Instead of the usual thin nail polish brush, this brush is like a flat brush with a slight curve, supposedly following the curve on your nails. (Sorry the photos of the brush aren't too clear). It claims that with this brush you can apply the nail polish on your entire nail in 1 stroke in 1 second, hence the name. And it also claims to dry in 50 seconds and no smudging.

The brush (top and bottom photo)

Let's see if it lives up to its claim.

The formula of this nail polish is not very thick. It is quite runny, but not too thin that it drips. 1 coat on my nail is very sheer with a small amount of shimmer. Then a 2nd coat gives a slight hint of peach shade on my nails, but it's still sheer. But I just stopped at 2 coats. Then, I decided to put on a 3rd coat, just on my index finger because I scratched the nail polish slightly, and it became almost opaque, my nail line was just barely visible, and the colour became more orangey. Overall, the shimmer is quite subtle yet pretty.

This photo was taken in my makeshift light box with the natural sunlight to my back.

This photo was taken by the window with natural sunlight.

The 2 photos above are: 1 coat on my index finger, 2 coats on the rest of the fingers.

The photo above is: 3 coats on my index finger, 2 coats on the rest of the fingers.

The photo above is: 3 coats on my index finger, 2 coats on the middle finger. You can see that the orangey peach colour is more intense.

Edited to add (25 September 2011):
It applied evenly and smoothly without any streaking. And there was no bubbling after drying. (I forgot to mention earlier.)
Today is the 2nd day of wear and I have not seen any chipping. There is only some slight nail tip wear, but that's probably due to ginormous amount of house work that requires h*ll of a lot of washing!

So, does it apply easily with the brush? Well, for my tiny nails, the brush deposits nail polish perfectly on my index, middle and ring fingers' nails. But on my tiny little pinky, the brush was a little too broad and it deposited some polish between my nails and the sides of my skin, which I had to clean up after. And on my broad thumb, 1 stroke of the brush couldn't cover the whole nail and I had to apply twice.

And does it dry in 50 seconds? Well, may be. I didn't time it. But I added a 2nd coat right after I finished applying the first coat on every nail. And the 2nd coat also dried quite fast. But, I think it didn't dry completely even after a few minutes and I scratched part of the polish on my index finger and that's why I put on a 3rd coat. I didn't bother with a 3rd coat for the rest of the nails, as I know usually with all my household chores, they wouldn't last long no matter how many coats I put on.

It retails for GBP5.99 normally. But I got this on offer of 2 for GBP5 at my local chemist.

Friday, September 23, 2011

First Bourjois Haul - On Clearance; Autumn Ramblings

Yes! You read it right! I haven't any Bourjois products in my stash till now, oh well, a few days ago (and today). ;)

I had always wanted to buy Bourjois Little Round Pots eyeshadows and blushes to try out. Somehow for a brand that I had not tried previously, but have been reading so much raves about, their prices are somewhat on the higher end of the spectrum for a drugstore brand. OK, the price range is still quite low, but to spend between GBP5-8 for an eyeshadow single or blush, I'd rather get a Sleek Makeup eyeshadow palette for GBP6.49 with 12 eyeshadows! And Sleek super-pigmented blushes are only GBP4.29 each. Well, I think you get the idea.

OK, one may argue that Bourjois products are made in France, versus other brands which have many, if not all, of their products, made in China.

But I am not going into the discussion on this.

What is more important is I hauled some Bourjois in the last couple of days, and I am really happy with the prices I paid for them, and I am very excited to try them out. The fact that I got all of them on the Clearance shelf of a small local Boots and also a neighbourhood chemist, it means that these are not the latest products. They are the older versions of their Little Round Pots eyeshadows. I am not sure about the blush I got. But a quick comparison online with the new packaging, confirms that these are the older version and packaging. Not really a big deal for me, as I like getting beauty bargains from time to time, whether old or new.... just some 'cheap thrills', if you want to put it that way! ;) As long as the condition of the product(s) is satisfactory, especially when it comes to powder(dry) products, I am not too overly concerned.

OK, enough ramblings.

My first haul was on Wednesday, the hump day, where it started off quite crappy, rushing Princess to school (as always). Before going to pick her up from school in the afternoon, I dropped by the local Boots store, just a small one, to check out some stuffs for a friend. And each time I go to that Boots, I will always check their Clearance shelf, which almost every time, has something good on offer. :D This time, it was a whole lot of eyeshadows, lipglosses, and lipsticks from various brands. But somehow there were 3 Little Round Pots among the lot which caught my attention. 3 Bourjois eyeshadows at GBP2.99 each. Normal price was GBP5.99. So I grabbed 2 to try out. Then at the till, the cashier asked me if I want to get another one, as they were on 3 for 2 offer! I was like, "WHAT! Clearance items also on 3 for 2 offer?" Of course, I quickly ran to grab the 3rd eyeshadow from the shelf! And in total, I paid GBP5.98 for 3 Bourjois eyeshadows, albeit the older version. For the price of 1 eyeshadow less 1 penny, I got 3 instead! Muaahahaha! I couldn't help but laugh my way to the car.

Bourjois Little Round Pots eyeshadows haul from Boots

And then today, I spent my whole morning attending seminars on medical statistics and research methodology, etc. By lunch time, my brain was really fried from the overwhelming amount of information, that I decided to walk home from my office through the woods, stopping to inhale the scent of Autumn, admiring the changing colours of the leaves and the last of some berries, saw loads of apple trees and crushed apples on the ground, and I even saw a whole bunch of crab apples! I'll upload the photos later. Yea, of course, I took a bunch photos......

Then I stopped by the neighbourhood chemist to see if they have any new MAVALA nail polishes and whether if they have any offer on them. They sell the MAVALA polishes quite expensive, at GBP3.99 per bottle! Anyways, no offer on MAVALA polishes. But I saw that they have a new shelf of Bourjois. No big deal, but then by the till, there were a few bowls of Bourjois products on special offer. 1 for GBP2.99, 2 for GBP5! Haha! What a good stress-reliever it was. I found a couple of their blushes and decided to get one. There weren't many choices, but again, who cares! Then I saw a bottle of nail polish in a very pretty orangey-peachy shade and it's the Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Enamel #11 (which later I found out online, has a name of Shimmering Coral) with fan effect brush. So I got both for GBP5.

Bourjois Little Round Pots eyeshadows haul from Boots (on the forefront)
Bourjois Little Round Pot blush and 1 Seconde Nail Enamel (on the back)

I am wearing that nail polish right now. Quite sheer, not overtly shimmery but very pretty nonetheless. Another good-for-the-office shade! Will crop the photos later.

Have a great weekend! TGIF! And it's officially Autumn!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Look: MAC Styledriven Eyeshadows - Hot Paprika & Pink Frontier; Bittersweet Pro Longwear Lip Pencil

This is a look done with mostly products from the MAC Styledriven Collection.

Eye Of The Day

Apply MAC Pink Frontier Pro Longwear Eyeshadow on the entire lid and lightly dab on the area below the brow as highlight;
Then apply MAC Hot Paprika Pro Longwear Eyeshadow onto the outer corner of the eye and blend inward to the middle of the lid;
Line the upper lash line with Estee Lauder Artist's Eye Pencil in Softsmudge Black;
Apply MAC Zoomlash Zoom Black mascara onto the upper and lower lashes.

Benefit Silky Powder Eyeshadow in Fishnets

Face Of The Day

Maybelline BB Cream
Guerlain Meteorites - Mythic

The Body Shop Roseflower blush

MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil from Styledriven Collection in Bittersweet

More MAC Styledriven Swatches: Pro Longwear Eyeshadows, Lip Pencils & Lipglass - Swatches & Quick Reviews

Here are more items from the MAC Styledriven Collection, scheduled to be released today, 22nd September 2011, in the US.

MAC Styledriven Plush and Weathered Pro Longwear eyeshadows; Patience, Please Pro Longwear Lipglass; and Nice 'N' Spicy and Bittersweet Pro Longwear Lip Pencils

See below for more swatches and description.

Left: MAC Plush Pro Longwear Eyeshadow
Right: MAC Weathered Pro Longwear Eyeshadow

Swatches of MAC Plush Pro Longwear Eyeshadow (left) and Weathered Pro Longwear Eyeshadow (right)
Both of the eyeshadows above fall slightly short of the other MAC Styledriven eyeshadows that I have, in terms of pigmentation and colour pay-off. They looked pretty dark in their respective pans, but when swatched, appear rather sheer with moderate colour pay-off. Their pigmentation is OK, but definitely is less than the others. Perhaps, over an eye base, the colours would appear more intensified.

Plush is a mid-tone purple with some blue undertone, and feels like a satin.
Weathered is bluish grey (previously I described it as greyish blue), but after swatching and playing with it, I feel that it's more of a grey colour but with a slight hint of blue.
Both are slightly drier in texture and don't feel as creamy as the other Styledriven eyeshadows that I have.

They last for about 6-8 hours on my lids, without a base, thereafter, I can see some creasing and slight fading.

MAC Styledriven Pro Longwear Lip Pencils and Lipglass
Patience, Please Pro Longwear Lipglass; and Nice 'N' Spicy and Bittersweet Pro Longwear Lip Pencils

MAC Styledriven Nice 'N' Spicy and Bittersweet Pro Longwear Lip Pencils

L to R: Swatches of Bittersweet, Nice 'N' Spicy Pro Longwear Lip Pencils,
Patience, Please Pro Longwear Lipglass

I don't have the lip swatch of Patience, Please Pro Longwear Lipglass at the moment. Sorry, only 1 lips, but too many lippies to try out and swatch. ;)
It is a nude pink shade with a rather thick consistency but does not feel as sticky as other MAC lipglasses that I own.

Lip swatches of MAC Bittersweet Pro Longwear Lip Pencil
Top: Directly from the doe foot applicator
Bottom: After eating and drinking, about 3 hours, and topped up with a clear lip balm to give a slight glossiness

Bittersweet is a dark chocolate brown. It applies quite smoothly on my lips without much tugging. It does not dry out my lips, or make them feel dry. But at the same time, it's not moisturising either. I think it would be better to apply a layer of clear lip balm or lipgloss on top.

Lip swatch of MAC Nice 'N' Spicy Pro Longwear Lip Pencil

Nice 'N' Spicy is almost the same shade as my lips, may be slightly paler. It's a pale pink, with matte finish. In the photo, it looked dry on my lips, but in reality, I didn't feel the dryness. And it wore for about 4 hours on my lips, fading a little after eating.

For more on MAC Styledriven Collection, see here for swatches of all the 16 Pro Longwear Eyeshadows, my haul, and a look using Styledriven eyeshadow.

*PR samples