Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2012!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)

I hope to be back with proper posts with lots of photos in the New Year once my laptop is fixed, and hopefully I will be able to change to Apple / Mac next year.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Photo-less Post: Pining For MAC - The Computer & The Makeup; Shopping @ Selfridges - SUQQU & Tom Ford

Hello, hello!

I know the title of this post sounds funny and totally beauty-unrelated, except for MAC Cosmetics. But my apologies..... Most of my photos are in my laptop and it has some problem now.... Thanks to bloody Skype and I have to wait for it to be fixed. :(((

So from now till after the New Year, posts will be scarce and photo-less as I am blogging with my iPad which is the original version one. And I have not any photo in my iPad storage. Microsoft Windows really sucks! This year alone I already had several problems with my laptop which, of course, uses the stupid Microsoft Windows! I think it's really time to change to Mac, though I have to re-learn using the computer again technically speaking!

And speaking of Mac, the computer, I have been waiting for months now for my iPad 2 and MacBook Pro..... Fuh!!!! I shall not delve further into this or I am afraid this post will end up filled with vulgarities and obscenities! Grrrrrrrr!!!!!

And oh yeah, MAC, the cosmetics..... I was in London last week, and managed to pop into Selfridges. MAC counter in Selfridges was so crowded with people that I ended up not checking the Holiday collection out, though I kinda wanted to get Such Flare lipstick, yes, the red one. Besides, buying MAC from Selfridges, I can't use my MAC Pro discount, and I didn't have the time to go to Fouberts Place to the PRO store. Well, that's the only free-standing store (also a Pro store) that I know in the Oxford Street area. I know there are many many MAC stores in London, but really I was so pressed for time that day that everything was just rush, rush and rushing. So I didn't go around finding a MAC store! And we, yes, I was in London with Hubby and Princess, almost missed our return train back to our village! Haha!

So, what did I get from Selfridges then???

I have taken so many photos of my haul, but now I can't upload them....grrrrr..... Damn you, Microsoft! Damn you, Skype!
I can just tell you for now..... I hauled the last set of SUQQU 2011 Christmas Makeup Kit B with the white pouch and Usuchaori eyeshadow palette for £55 and Tom Ford eyeshadow palette in Sahara Haze for a whopping £62!!!! Anyways, I am really happy and satisfied with my haul.

(The one good thing, and only one good thing about blogging from the iPad is that I can use the £ sign when writing down the price of a product, as yea...I am a noob, I would type GBP using the stupid Microsoft Windows!)

Just quick descriptions of the 2 eyeshadow palettes...........

SUQQU Usuchaori eyeshadow palette is part of the brand's Christmas sets, and it comes with a white make up pouch, a 4g eye cream, and a 50ml eye make remover. The eyeshadow palette consists of neutral brown and beige colours. I already have 2 other palettes on my wish list - Komorebi, which has a very beautiful light green shade, and Mizuaoi, which has a pink and blue shades. I swatched them at the counter, and the eyeshadows are very smooth in texture and nicely pigmented.

Tom Ford's Sahara Haze is predominantly a green/dark green palette. It has a pale yellow shade which is good as a highlight colour, but this shade turned out white in most of my photos. The other 3 shades are different shades of green in various finishes. The next Tom Ford palette on my wish list would be Burnished Amber! :)

Again, my apologies for not being able to show you the photos just yet. I wish I could..... Sigh......

So long for now...........

Here's an early greeting to readers of Vonvon's Interests who are celebrating....... A very Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Random Post: Friday Crunchie

Thank goodness it's Friday!

And get that Friday feeling on other days with Crunchie! :D

I have always liked Snickers as a sweet yet unhealthy snack and as a stress-buster as well! ;P But I found a tiny bar of Crunchie in Princess' Halloween loot bucket, yes, hers was a pumpkin bucket. And I chomped on it and BAM! I am hooked! It's the yummy honeycomb centre that when you chew, becomes clumpy and crunchy like nougat! So yummy! I even found the ice-cream version of Crunchie and it has exactly the same honey flavour.

And to my surprise, Crunchie is not easy to find. I couldn't find any in Tesco, neither in Wilko. And I finally tracked it down at a Pound shop, selling for 3 full-sized bars for a Pound. Haha!

By the way, I have a not-so-secret drawer in my kitchen, known as my comfort drawer. It was previously my secret but opss, Hubby found out and now, Princess too. Open it up and you will find a galore of Snickers, dark chocolate bars, Jelly Belly, gummy bears and the likes of Haribo! :D

So, what's your favourite snack?

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Swatches & Review: Hello Kitty Liberty Hello Eyes Eyeshadow Compact

I showed you Hello Kitty x Liberty haul from Boots last weekend. I have swatched the eyeshadows, but today I am going to review the eyeshadow compact first. In fact, I just realised while cropping the photos, that the first 2 shades in the compact could be the same as 2 of the eyeshadows from the Smoky Eye Trio - the cream and nude colours. And perhaps the charcoal colour too. *smack my head if the 3 eyeshadows in the trio have the same repeats in the compact. But anyways, the Smoky Eye Trio is supposed to be for Princess. Besides, the packaging is just to die for. No big deal if they really are repeats. As the colours are very pretty, wearable and last at least 8 hours without any hint of creasing, and may be the tiniest bit of fading without a primer. Fall out is minimal too. So if there are repeats of the colours from this compact in the form of the eyeshadow singles, I should be more than happy. It's late in the middle of the night now as I am writing this, and there is no proper lighting for me to see and make a comparison.

The compact houses 8 eyeshadows of quite decent quality in purple casing with a canvas-like material with print of Hello Kitty riding a bike. I like the design a lot. And purple is one of my favourite colours. It comes in a cardboard box in lavender colour with the words "Hello Kitty" and "Liberty Art Fabrics" printed in gold.

The label of the colours on the back of the box is quite confusing, as I don't think the shade names are in order as in the compact. But nevertheless, I think the colours would be as follows:
Top row - Cream, Nude, Light Pink, Dark Pink/Brown.
Bottom row - Olive, Turquoise, Charcoal, Purple

As you open up the compact, there is a mirror that span the whole width and length of the lid, and at the bottom right corner of the mirror, there is a Hello Kitty logo incorporated into it in gold. Very cute indeed.

Inside, there are 8 eyeshadows of mostly neutral, leaning towards cool shades. It comes with a tiny eyeshadow brush with purple handle and the words "Hello Kitty" etched on it in gold. The brush is of decent quality, but I find it too small for my to hold, and the brush head is too small to pick up enough colour to apply on my lids. It can do it, but it will take a long, long time. Perhaps it will be good to use for work on smaller area like lining, and dotting the inner corner. But for me, the brush is being put away for safekeeping now, as collection.

Now, it's the turn of the eyeshadows to take centrestage.............. Generally, almost all the eyeshadows have quite good pigmentation and colour pay-off, except Purple which is a bit sheer and chalky, but nevertheless apply smoothly and beautifully on the outer corner for a smoky look. They have mostly satin finish with slight shimmer. Overall, their texture is quite soft but almost no fall out and not powdery. The top row shadows exhibit the aforementioned qualities more than the bottom row ones.

Swatches of the top row under natural daylight (top) and direct sunlight (bottom):
L to R:
Cream (a white with iridescence);
Nude (I don't know why it is called nude, as it's not exactly nude. It's a pale brownish beige with slight shimmer, a bit taupe too);
Light Pink (a slightly warm light pink with shimmer);
Dark Pink/Brown (this colour looks brown in the pan but swatched a pinkish brown. I guess that's why it's called Dark Pink???).

Swatches of the bottom row under natural daylight (top) and overcast sunlight (bottom): (the sun decided to go into hiding for the day as I came around to photograph it)
L to R:
Olive (a dirty green-brown which swatched semi-matte. The shimmer on the pan does not translate in the swatch;
Turquoise (my favourite of all the shades in this compact. It's more of an aqua shade with satin-y finish);
Charcoal (a blackened grey with shimmer or you could call it a silvery black.);
Purple (sheer and chalky darkened violet with a hint of plum. It reminds me of MAC Pro Longwear Eyeshadow in Weathered, except this one is a bit more pigmented. But I have used this for an eye look last weekend and it worked beautifully to give a smoky eye look.).

I wore Cream, Nude and Purple last weekend, and they lasted on my eyes for more than 8 hours with the barest hint of fading by the 8th hour, but no creasing (till the 8th hour) and that was without a primer. Fallout problem is minimal to almost none. Well done for this palette!

This compact contains 6g of product and costs GBP8 at larger Boots stores and Liberty. It's a very reasonably priced eyeshadow palette that would make a great Christmas gift for a Hello Kitty fan, or those who adore kawaii stuffs, and for beginners in makeup, and great as a stocking filler too!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Look: L'Oreal Color Infallibles 013 Burning Black & 027 Goldmine, Stila Shadow Pot in Petal; MAC Dubonnet Lipstick

This was the look I wore last week to Princess' first school Christmas play. After I had done this look, and looking back, I remember that I had done a look with similar colours but this look is a much, much lighter and muted version, as I had decided to use MAC Dubonnet lipstick. So I decided to go light on the eyes, yet without compromising on the colours for the eyes! You know me, I love colours for my eyes, just as much as I love wearing neutrals on them. :)

Princess liked the look very much but knowing how critical she can be, and being the mini ME, she said that she liked the lipstick very much, but I had to put more colours on my eyes. And this look drew quite a number of compliments from other parents too.

Face Of The Day

Shape the brows with Boots No7 Beautiful Brows Pencil 10 Brown/Black;
Stila Shadow Pot in Petal (a light pink with purple undertone) all over the lid up to the crease;
L'Oreal Color Infallible in 013 Burning Black (a darkened purple-violet) on the outer corner and lower lid;
L'Oreal Color Infallible in 027 Goldmine (a shimmery sheer gold with iridescent finish) as highlight under the brow and on the inner corner;
MAC Super Slick Liquid Eye Liner in Smoky Heir on the upper lash line;
Stila Kajal Eye Liner in Amethyst on the upper waterline, and lower waterline;
Laneige Mascara from the Liner & Mascara duo on the upper and lower lashes, followed by MAC Zoom Lash Zoomblack mascara. (Laneige mascara is waterproof but does not lengthen nor does much to my lashes. While MAC Zoom Lash is not waterproof, smudges but it does lengthen my lashes to a certain degree. So, a perfect combo!)

MAC Prep+Prime Skin Base
Shiseido Aqualabel White Liquid Foundation SPF23/PA++
Guerlain Meteorites

The Body Shop Roseflower blush
Clinique Enchanted Bronze blush for contouring

MAC Dubonnet lipstick (Amplified Creme finish)

More photos........

How is this for a Holiday look?

I have lined up most of my red and berry lipsticks and decided to use them for the run-up to the Holidays. :)

Project 10 Pan - Update 2

Hello, my dear readers. How is Monday treating you?

Just a quick update of my Project 10 Pan. Actually I had finished using these 2 items back in November, but again, work and so many other things, including blog posts, took precedence.

I have finished up quite a number of stuffs in the past one and a half, mostly skincare though.

So, here's the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Lip Moisturizer, twisted out to the max.

It's a good lip balm/moisturizer. It has traveled with me all over the world. I have used it in different climate conditions, from the hot dry desert to the snowy cold conditions. And it worked in keeping my lips from drying out and chaffing too. It's not the most moisturizing one out there, but as long as it worked, I am happy. And why did it take so long for me to finish a small little tube? Well, this always goes into my TSA-approved travel makeup/toiletry pouch, as it's so small and handy to be slipped anywhere. And I used it on the plane whenever I traveled.

I used this on its own, and also at night before going to bed. It's a transparent non-sticky non-heavy type of texture. And during the day, I applied it together with my other skincare. Then when it's time to put on my lipstick, I would just blot it lightly with tissue before applying my lipstick or lipgloss.

And I also finished using up a tiny sample of Make Up For Ever Fascinating Lip Gloss #16 which is a pale peachy-pink colour with a slight berry-like scent. It's just a 3ml sample. Duh! It's nice to pair it with some bright eye look or smoky eye look.

Have a nice week ahead. My London trip is coming up soon..... I am so looking forward to go to the city and have some proper retail therapy! :) Let's just hope those limited edition Holiday collections that I have been eyeing would still be available, at least some of them. And I should check out the websites of various department stores and see which ones have brands that offer better GWPs for the brands I want to shop from.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hello Kitty Liberty Collection Haul From Boots - Shopping Day With Princess

I took Princess out shopping with me last Wednesday as her school was closed due to a national pension strike.

Now we hardly go out shopping together anymore. And she has been complaining to me about that and told me that she misses going shopping with me like we used to do, almost everyday, back when we were still in Malaysia.

We went to buy mostly stuffs for the party goodie bags for her friends for her upcoming 5th birthday party and also some birthday presents for some of her friends whose birthday parties she will be attending in December. Huh! Seems like Princess is socialising more than I do now! ;)

And we dropped by Boots as well. And I really have to smack myself on the head and really hard, for being blur! Yes, blur! I had been to that particular big Boots store for so many times, and I never realised that there was an upper floor. Those times when I was there, I was wondering how come that Boots didn't have all the 3 for 2 Christmas gifts on display. If the small Boots in my village town doesn't carry the Hello Kitty Liberty collection, then I am sure the big Boots would have them. And I was really disappointed for not being able to get some of the Hello Kitty Liberty stuffs.

I was just so glad I took Princess shopping with me that day, and the moment we entered the store, she asked if we could go up the escalator. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Till then only I realised OH DEAR, there was an escalator there and there was an upper floor! LOL!

So we went upstairs and TA-DAH!!!! A huge variety of all the Christmas gifts, and needless to say, Hello Kitty Liberty Collection was right THERE!

OK, so our haul..................

Hello Kitty Liberty Hello New Day Alarm Clock (GBP14)
I had wanted to get an alarm clock for my bedside for the longest time, since every morning previously, I was using the alarm from my phone. When we saw this, Princess and I both unanimously agreed that we have to get it!

Hello Kitty Liberty Eye Love Hello Kitty Smoky Eye Kit (GBP12)
Then she saw this eyeshadow set, and insisted that I have to get this for her. And I was like....why? She doesn't use eyeshadows and if she really wants and needs to, like for her school Christmas play, she is always welcome to use my stuffs. There was a REASON.

And later, I found out why she was so insistent on getting this, and even argued that if I buy for her, then she would definitely use it! Hmmm......

When we came home, and I opened up the box.....then she realised that the eyeshadows are the mono colours, and not the colourful Hello Kitty designs on the packaging! Muaahahhaa!
She actually thought on first impression, that the eyeshadows were the designs on the packaging and that they (as in the eyeshadows) were so colourful that she had not seen such kind of eyeshadow before.
And then, she was like, "OK, Mum (in a heavily accented voice), you can have my eyeshadow set..... But if I want to use it, you must let me have it, OK?!"

OK, whatever! :P

Hello Kitty Liberty Hello Eyes Eye Shadow Compact (GBP8)
They are on 3 for 2 offer, so this compact is the free gift.
It's a no-brainer to choose this. I could have taken another Smoky Eye Kit to make my money worth, since the Smoky Eye Kit costs GBP12, while the compact is GBP8. 3 for 2, the cheapest free. Anyways, when I first saw this compact online back in September or October, I knew I want to get it. So, it's just perfect, isn't it?

Swatches and reviews coming up next week.

Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nail Polish Galore - Breakdown By Brands

Following the post of my nail polish exchange with my friend, here are more photos of the nail polishes, photographed by brands (mostly).

Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish nail polishes
L to R: 193 Black Cherries, 198 Azure, 260 Green Grass, 080 Black Cab, 050 Tangerine Queen, 280 Sunshine

Rimmel 60 seconds nail polishes
825 Sky High (Aqua), 260 Funtime Fuchsia

Barry M Instant Nail Effects
311 (Black shatter), 321 (Gold shatter)

Tesco Barbara Daly Nail Polish
Honeycomb (left), Lavender (right)

Collection 2000 nail polishes
Frosted nail polish 103 (white), Maxiflex(TM) 315 Aztec Gold

Evie Glam (Peacocks) nail polishes
L to R: Purple, Gold, Blue

Elegant Touch French Manicure set

Red, pink and purples
L to R: NYC Long-Wearing Nail Enamel i116A, technic Glitter Nails Party Pink, Bourjois 1 seconde nail enamel #18, BC Body Collection(TM) Crystal Suede Nail Lacquer Fast Drying Formula Kia Royale

Glitters, gold and silver
L to R: Nina Ultra Pro Salon formula Opal Elegance, Model's Own Gold Rush, Ottie #45 Tender Silver, Gallery Colours UV Multi Sparkle 418

Except for Collection 2000 (of which I have Buried Treasure) and Bourjois (of which I have a different colour, #11, from the same range), I have not tried any nail polish from the other brands mentioned above.

There is one China Glaze Innocence which I don't know why, somehow I have forgotten to photograph. China Glaze Innocence is a nude with pink tint shade. Nothing spectacular.

Which one(s) catch your fancy?

I have been playing with a few of them everyday, and I will upload some NOTDs next week. Or do you want to see post after post of different nail polishes? Nay....I think I will space them out. :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nail Polish Galore - Courtesy Of My Friend

I am just taking a break from my work to quickly write this post. Well, I wrote on my blog's FB page that I have like 30 nail polishes from my friend. It's an exchange between her stash and my stash. So I manage to photograph them yesterday.

It's funny that I have not taken photos of my nail polish stash. ;)

They are mostly from brands that I have not tried before. Yay!

I will post more photos of these nail polishes, based on the brands soon. It's just a quick break from work. :)