Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's The Leap Year!

Good evening / good morning, depending on where you are..... :)

Just thought of writing a post today..... It's almost midnight here and I have been kept awake by a severe dry cough.... Basically I have been ill for the past one week.

Anyways, I realized that I actuallly did not finish with my previous post on the Boots 17 eyeshadows that I got on Clearance. Oh well, I managed to get the double eyeshadow changed to the color I wanted that was Gold Emerald, but there is nothing green about it. It's a silver shade with, well, may be a hint of green.

And what about keeping up with my new year resolution of makeup no-buy?

In January, I bought 2 Dior eyeshadow palette from the Spring 2012 collection, Garden Roses and Garden Pastels. Despite going on makeup no-buy, I allow myself to purchase at least 2 items a month, reserved for those limited edition products that I couldn't resist.

For February, I almost did not buy anything but somehow since I was ill, I just had a little retail therapy of just less than a quid! Haha! In the form of the 17 eyeshadows!

And it's March! There are quite a number of stuffs on my shopping list now.... So how can I limit it to only 2 items for March?

I will continue my ramblings another day........

Good night or good morning! :D

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