Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Magazine Freebies: Nails Of The Day - nails inc x InStyle Power Pink, Bluebell & Peach Sorbet

These are actually from last month, freebies with the June issue of InStyle magazines. Sorry for posting it now. I thought the Tesco near me was already out of stock but then, when I went the next day after ranting about missing out on these awesome freebies, I found 3 copies of the magazine and each with a different color of the nails inc nail polish. And of course, I bought all 3 copies.

It was originally GBP3.80 per copy, but upon check-out, I saw on my receipt that I had a saving of 30p on each magazine, so I paid only GBP3.50 per magazine and the nails inc nail polish (10ml) is worth GBP11 each! :D

The 3 colors of the nail polish are in pastel hues of Power Pink (a lilac-y pink), Bluebell (a lavender blue) and Peach Sorbet (a pale milky peach), see photo above, in the same order. So I painted them randomly on my nails and they ended up looking like 'candy nails' as my daughter put it!

The texture of the nail polishes in general is of moderately consistency, not too thick nor too thin. They have a creme glossy finish. But it needs 2 layers to reach minimal opacity. They certainly take longer than 10 minutes to dry down. And on my nails which are frequently exposed to excessive hand-washing and cleaning, etc, they barely last 2 days before chipping occurs.

Yes, they are exclusively to the June issue of InStyle UK magazine, but fret not, as I find these colors are quite dupable. I can't think of any, off-hand, but do check out, say Rimmel nail polishes, or if you are in the UK, Boots 17 nail polishes. You may find something similar.


gio said...

They all look very pretty!

Becca @ The Beauty Sample said...

Pretty! I really need to try Nails, Inc. polishes--they come up with some very beautiful colors! I love love that purple and blue shade--those are some of my favorite colors to wear on my nails!

And I wish they had little magazine freebies here in the U.S!

Vonvon said...

Gio, pastels are very pretty indeed! Very fun and summery.

Vonvon said...

Becca, do try them. And the price of nails Inc. In Sephora in the US when converted, is slightly cheaper than in the UK itself.

But not all their formulas are great. Some of their polish have great formula, while some are just so-so.