Monday, June 25, 2012

Nails Of The Day (NOTD): GLISTEN-ing With FURY With Boots 17 Nail Polishes

Sometimes, I am amazed by the products that I can find in the drugstores. I picked up these 2 Boots 17 nail polishes on 2 different occasions, at GBP2.99 each (8ml in each bottle). *pic heavy*

Glisten is the latest shade available on the 17 shelf. Limited edition or not, I am not sure. I got it on a whim, when I caught sight of it and I was like.... Wow! That's a pretty sweet pink, and reflecting slightly golden. Yes, it's a pink-gold duochrome and from a drugstore brand.

Fury was purchased some time back when I wanted to buy a 17 eyeshadow palette from the display which happened to be a GWP with another 17 product.

So the kind manager at my neighborhood Boots store, said that if I were to buy another 17 item, I could get that for free. And I decided to pick up Fury which I think is a limited edition, as I don't see it at the shelf in my local Boots anymore. Also I have read that Fury could be a possible dupe for the coveted Chanel Peridot nail polish. Well, dupe or not, I wouldn't know as I don't own Chanel Peridot which was a LE as well. Even if it(the Chanel one) is still available, I don't think I would splurge on a Chanel nail polish, or just to pay sky-high price for any nail polish which when applied to my nails wouldn't last me longer than, say 3 days.

Which brings us back to Glisten....... Glisten is from the Lasting Fix range which is supposed to be chip resistant and can last up to 5 days. And seriously I wore 2 layers on my nails for 3 days before I noticed any nail tip wear. And it didn't chip till much later.

Thumb, middle and pinky fingers are wearing Glisten and under fluorescent lighting looks golden.

This is a WOW! As I have not used any nail polish that last longer than 2 days before I see any nail tip wear, let alone chipping. The formula is of moderately thick consistency, applies smoothly on my nails without any pooling at the sides, but needs 2 layers to reach some form of opacity. It dries down quite quickly too. Even with 2 layers you can still see the nail line when the nails are held against sunlight. And the color itself? A beautiful shimmery pink with strong golden reflects. It is indeed a duochrome. Under certain lighting it appears as a gold with subtle pink undertones. The brush in this polish is a flat brush which allows easier application by spreading out the color.

Glisten would make a great everyday color, and definitely a suitable work color.

Fury has been mentioned as a dupe for Chanel Peridot. Well, I can't compare as I don't have it. Fury is from the Fast Finish range, which is supposed to dry in 60 seconds. I don't think Fury dries down that fast. It has a slightly thicker consistency than Glisten and applies rather streaky. It is an antique gold kind of color with a subtle blue/green undertone when the light falls on it from different angle. I applied 2 layers in the photos. I noticed some minimal nail tip wear at the end of the next day after I first applied it. The brush in this polish is a round-headed one, as compared to the flat brush in Glisten.

I would have expected this color to be 'loud' and quite in-your-face, but it turns out that it is quite a wearable color for everyday. Perhaps in this NOTD, I alternated it with Glisten and toned down the color a bit.

Nails Of The Day

Glisten and Fury, indoor natural light

Glisten and Fury, outdoor overcast day

So, what are you wearing on your nails at the moment?

Have a nice week ahead!


LuckyLoveNails said...

I like FURY. It's so pretty! :)
New follower here. :)

LauraLeia said...

Both are gorgeous! But I think Glisten is more special because it can look pink or gold depending on the lighting :D

hanidee said...

Glisten is a gorgeous color!

gio said...

Fury is gorgeous! Too bad it doesn't perform as well as Glisten.

Becca @ The Beauty Sample said...

Pretty! I've never tried any 17 polishes, but Fury is gorgeous! It does kind of look like Chanel Peridot based on what I can see in the pic (I don't own it either, so I can't say for sure). Even if it weren't a perfect dupe, I don't mind because I'd rather spend my money on a nice blush instead of a polish