Friday, June 8, 2012

Review & Swatches: Revlon ColorBurst(TM) Lip Butter in 015 Tutti Frutti

I picked the Revlon ColorBurst(TM) Lip Butter in 015 Tutti Frutti up from Boots when it was on offer last month. The original price is GBP7.99 which I find it's a bit too much for a drugstore brand. And to be honest, I never take a second look at Revlon whenever I am at Boots or Superdrug. Neither when I was in Malaysia. To me, GBP7.99 is a rip-off (like so many things in the UK)! Then one day, I saw that it was down to GBP5.99, still not cheap, but well, having read so much rave on it and the colors are rather appealing, though in my local neighbourhood Boots, there were only a selection of 7 colors, I decided to get one just to try out. On Boots website, there were 14 colors, and 20 in the US Revlon website.

I picked up a 17 Lasting Fix nail polish in Glisten, a new shade, as well. It's a beautiful pink-gold duochrome. NOTD and review soon.

Revlon ColorBurst(TM) Lip Butter in 015 Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti is a sweet peachy orange colour which I thought would be great for Summer, though Summer seems to have gone MIA these 2 weeks over here. *Add: And it's quite in line with this Spring/Summer sheer, bright lips trend too.* It is a lip butter, which I used to assume, would come in a small jar/tub. But of course, a tube packaging would be more hygienic, compared to dipping your finger into the product then to apply it on the lips. I read that it's supposed to be a lip gloss with the pigmentation of a lipstick, or something like that.

Well, I have to say that it glides on smoothly on my lips with a soft buttery texture, depositing a (not so) sheer layer of peachy orange color. OK, it's sheer but you can still see the color. It feels quite moisturizing to my lips while I am wearing it and it wears for about 2 to 3 hours on my lips, depending on whether I drink or eat. I think this makes a great everyday lippie.

*Add: But! Yes, but because of its softness and sheerness, it does accentuate any dry flakes on your lips. When I first put it on, my lips were rather dry and flaky, and the photos I took of the lip swatches didn't turn out too well. Just thought of a point to note.*

Swatch of Revlon ColorBurst(TM) Lip Butter in 015 Tutti Frutti

Swatch of Revlon ColorBurst(TM) Lip Butter in 015 Tutti Frutti on my lips

Some words on the packaging.....

It's packaged in a tube where the lid covers almost the entire length of the tube. The lid is of the same color (almost) as the lip butter inside, makes recognition of the product and color easier from a sea mess of other lippies. ;) And on the top of the lid is a transparent plastic where you can see the product inside (see photo above). My little gripe is that because the lid goes all the way to the bottom of the tube, the tiny black part at the bottom of the lippie can be quite hard to grab grip to pull out the lid, especially when you may have oily/slippery fingers.

Now I am eye-ing for the one in Raspberry Pie, a quite pigmented purple-raspberry shade, a bit similar to MAC Rebel lipstick. It's on the Boots website but I haven't seen this color in any of the Boots store, big or small, near me.

Have you tried any of this Lip Butter? What color(s) do you have? Any other color recommendation?


Becca @ The Beauty Sample said...

Pretty! This is the second new review of Tutti Frutti that I've read today and now my mind is made up: I'm definitely grabbing it tomorrow!

Vonvon said...

Hi Becca,

Thanks for dropping by.

Second review? Seems like Tutti Frutti is quite a coveted color from this range.

Hope you will like it. :)

gio said...

I know that Revlon is a drugstore brand but I never considered it one because their prices have always been quite steep here, which is why I rarely purchase their products.

But I love how this looks on you. It's sheer but pretty!

hevn said...

ARGhhhhhhh.. this is the 2nd review I seen and it's so temptingggggggg!

Sherry said...

Agree hehe..sometimes I give up as hard open the cap lol

Vonvon said...

Yes, gio, the prices for Revlon, are much higher than other drugstore brands, may be not all, but yea...they are pricey nevertheless.

The lip butter is worth a try though. May be wait for sale.

Vonvon said...

Hevn, have you gotten any since? It's quite good actually.

Vonvon said...

Sherry, many times, I also got frustrated with the cap.