Monday, July 2, 2012

Things I Bought With My Boots No7 £5 Vouchers & Some Inflation Ranting Along The Way!

Boots in the UK often do the No7 £5 voucher promotion, or special offer. You will receive a £5 voucher for the purchase of any No7 products with any £5 purchase in Boots. The £5 voucher can be used for part-payment of any Boots No7 products. When I first came to the UK, I rarely used these vouchers that I got. But then I realised, hey, I could try out new products and pay less for them. To be honest, Boots No7 products, makeup and skincare, are not on the cheap spectrum in terms of pricing. So you will still have to fork out some (can be quite a lot of) money in the end.

Anyways, currently Boots is running such promotion again, ending 15th July 2012. The previous one ended on 17th June 2012.

But the following haul was made last year. You see these offers come by very often!

Boots No7 Beautiful Brows Pencil in 10 Brown/Black
GBP7.75 (with voucher, I paid GBP2.75)
But this product has since increased in price to GBP8!!!! A rip-off!
This color turned out to be a bit too light for my brows but I use it on days when I am doing minimal makeup look. I have since purchased another one in Black, also with the voucher but I couldn't find the photo of it at the moment. Sorry!

No7 Quick Thinking 4-in-1 Makeup Wipes
GBP7 (with voucher, I paid GBP2)
They had come out with a new packaging since then. But thank God, the price has not changed as in increased. Then, in the UK, it's just a matter of time before taxes go up, prices go up, inflation go up, VAT go up! OK, I digressed.....

No7 Stay Perfect Eye Mousse
GBP9 (with voucher, I paid GBP4)
And if they continue to raise the price further, I'll crunch up future vouchers and throw it back at them! And seriously I have seen quite a lot of these crunched up vouchers lying in the shopping baskets, on the shelves on Boots, etc. Because when I first purchased this in Fudge, it was GBP8.75! Grrrrr!
The olive green one is called Khaki, the blue one Sky, and Pewter.

So these are a few stuffs from No7 that you can spend your vouchers on. I had also purchased makeup brushes, and eyeliners, and sunscreen with them. I'll do another post for those. For now.....
so long.......... Just want to reiterate that inflation in the UK is madness, and prices are rising at such alarming rate that every few months, I see a rise in prices, not only in beauty but also in grocery section!


Becca @ The Beauty Sample said...

Eye Mousse? Ooh love the sound of that. Sound heavenly!

hanidee said...

Lovely haul! I have yet tried those wipes and eye mousse shadows, but I would love to see a review and some eotds by you if you have time Vonvon! Hope you're doing well. :D

Vonvon said...

Yes, Becca, the eye mousse are quite lovely.:)

Vonvon said...

Hi Dee! Thank you. It has been ages ago.....

First, I have to get my net book fixed or get a new Mac Book before I can start to blog again.... Fingers crossed! :)

Kate Orrin said...

I LOVE youe blogs.
read them all the time, ive just started my own and id be so grateful for the support from you and everybody else.

Lots of love