Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's The Leap Year!

Good evening / good morning, depending on where you are..... :)

Just thought of writing a post today..... It's almost midnight here and I have been kept awake by a severe dry cough.... Basically I have been ill for the past one week.

Anyways, I realized that I actuallly did not finish with my previous post on the Boots 17 eyeshadows that I got on Clearance. Oh well, I managed to get the double eyeshadow changed to the color I wanted that was Gold Emerald, but there is nothing green about it. It's a silver shade with, well, may be a hint of green.

And what about keeping up with my new year resolution of makeup no-buy?

In January, I bought 2 Dior eyeshadow palette from the Spring 2012 collection, Garden Roses and Garden Pastels. Despite going on makeup no-buy, I allow myself to purchase at least 2 items a month, reserved for those limited edition products that I couldn't resist.

For February, I almost did not buy anything but somehow since I was ill, I just had a little retail therapy of just less than a quid! Haha! In the form of the 17 eyeshadows!

And it's March! There are quite a number of stuffs on my shopping list now.... So how can I limit it to only 2 items for March?

I will continue my ramblings another day........

Good night or good morning! :D

Friday, February 24, 2012

Quick Updates; Work Life; Makeup Haul & Keeping Up With My New Year Resolution

Hello everyone!

Sorry for being MIA for so long, if you are still reading this little blog of mine and have been disappointed for the lack of updates.

I wrote previously about my laptop with a bit of problem, and blogging with an iPad is a bit difficult! Now, where is my iPad 2?????? Somebody gotta answer..... Grrrrr!

So, again, this is a photo-less post. I am sorry.

Then, I was also caught up with lots of work, teaching 3 modules now instead of 1 each in the previous semesters. There are lots to prepare before each session. Factor in family matters to attend to and of course, my Princess ever demanding the attention. And I was busy helping her to consolidate her achievements and work in school, and finally she is being awarded 'The Pupil Of The Week' in her school assembly. I know... What's the big deal, right? But to her, it is a VERY BIG DEAL! Of course, it matters to me as well, as her Mummy! :)
She won the award for having good general knowledge.....I think her teacher must be impressed by her mastery of the Solar System, naming the planets and their positions, defining words like 'constellation', 'asteroid', 'meteor showers', etc, etc, and mind you, she is only 5! OK, OK, before people start blabbering that I am tooting my own horn.....*blabber all you want! Well, many of my friends and family read this blog, and they would like to read real life stuffs of me and Princess.

Anyways, I came down with a high temperature several days ago, quite suddenly with severe body aches and stuffs, and I was bed-bound for at least 24 hours. Got better to go to work a day later and somehow I felt I got much better as the day at work went by.

And I dropped by my local tiny Boots store this morning after sending Princess to school, hoping to get my hands on the latest Boots 17 Spring eyeshadow palettes that was launched on 22nd February. I saw it in Lipglossiping here. But unfortunately, this little Boots store doesn't carry the 2 cute rose design eyeshadow palettes. :((((

But as I had blogged previously, they quite often have a huge variety of products in their Clearance bin. Previously I managed to snag 3 Bourjois Little Round Pot eyeshadows(also on 3 for 2 on top of the half-price) and a blush for half- price each! I saw quite a lot of Boots 17 mono eyeshadows in the bin this time. The original price is £2.99 each and it was marked down to £1.45. And since now 17 cosmetics are on 3 for 2 offer, their products in Clearance are also included, as with the case with Bourjois previously. BUT at the till, the cashier couldn't ring up the Clearance price. BECAUSE apparently, the price was further slashed from £1.45 to £0.45, yes, 45p only! Per eyeshadow! OMG!! Even the cashier LOL-ed! And they are still 3 for 2!!!!!!!!

So I paid 90 pence for 3 eyeshadows from 17..... That's like 30 pence per eyeshadow. Talking of cheap thrill, but I think bargain hunters would say it's a super great deal. What can you get for less than a quid nowadays? OK, 17 eyeshadows are just drugstore products, and quality is so-so. But I had swatched them previously and thought some of them are quite pigmented. Don't know about their staying power yet. But hey, it's drugstore brand after all.:)

So I picked up shades called Gold Digger ( what a name! ) - a shimmery light gold, Night Sky - a glittery taupe with slight brown undertone, and oh NO.... I just realized I picked up 2 Gold Diggers! Gotta go back and exchange it.... I think the other color I had wanted was Gold Emerald or something.......

Oh well.... So long for now... Talk to you again soon..... ;)