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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Reviews: AromaFabulous Fushia Fantastic Body Wash & Body Souffle

I have been using this combination of AromaFabulous Fushia Fantastic Body Wash and Body Souffle for almost 3 weeks now. And it's time for some reviews. Well, bath and body products don't really need such a long trial period like skincare products, but you know me, I am just incorrigibly lazy! And there are too many distractions, especially from my little girl.

AromaFabulous products are 100% handmade aromatherapy products, created by Sarah Shih, a certified Aromatherapist, in Singapore. The products are free of sulfates, paraben, lanolin, mineral oil, artificial colour, ethoxylates, silicone, SLS, petrochemicals and other chemical pollutants.
More information here.

I received the 100ml bottles of Fushia Fantastic Body Wash and Body Souffle each. And both of them smell fantastic!

Let's speak about the Fushia Fantastic Body Wash first........

From the bottle: A luxurious, natural body wash blending the highest quality rose geranium, ylang ylang, rose otto with added vitamin B5, green tea, raspberry fruit, melon fruit and papaya fruit essential oils. Naturally.

My bottle has only about a quarter left. I have been using it for my shower every morning and before going to bed at night. The scent is (you'll have to excuse me as I am lousy in describing scents, but I'll try my best :D) a heavenly blend of warm floral with a hint of sweetness and a slightly herbal/spicy base note. But it's definitely more floral, and it's not your ordinary floral note in your shower gel. It's a complex scent which is warm and soothing, great for a morning wake-up shower, and at the same time, it's soothing enough to calm you down at the end of the day.

Anyways, it says on the bottle to apply it to a sponge or loofah, then rub in firm, circular motion to the entire body. Well, all I did was to pump out about 3 pumps onto my palm, lather it up, and apply to my body. The body wash is a thick viscous clear liquid with a pale yellow tint. But please do not expect some bubbly foamy lather as this does not contain SLS, instead it has natural lightly foaming surfactants derived from coconut, in the forms of Coco-Betaine and Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate. OK, let's not talk about science here, or this will turn into a thesis instead of a review because me and chemistry are the bestest of friends. ;)

And after rinsing off, my skin felt soft and clean but somewhat a tad dry with a whiff of its floral fragrance. Perhaps it didn't give me the slippery feel that I normally would get with the other shower gels that I used. It's no bother to me, as I would apply a body lotion after my shower (sometimes ;) ).

And the Fushia Fantastic Body Souffle........

From the bottle: Refreshing. Rejuvenating. Just fabulous. Fushia Fantastic Body Souffle provides a deep and smooth all-over hydration with a sensational and long-lasting aroma that will lift your senses and spirits. Naturally.

After showering with the Body Wash, I would apply the Body Souffle to my entire body while it's still damp. The body souffle has a much milder scent than the body wash and is more floral scented. And the scent is very long-lasting, up to several hours after application, I could still catch a faint hint of the scent on my skin. It has a light texture which spread easily on my skin.

It absorbs quite fast into the skin leaving no residue sticky feel. And a good thing about this is that, after application on my hands, frequent hand-washing by the OCD me doesn't leave the skin on my hands dry. And another point to note is that with some other lotions, when I wash my hands after application, I experience a slippery feeling as there is a layer of the lotion left on my skin. But with this body souffle, I don't experience any of this.

It does keep my skin hydrated for the whole day when applied after my morning shower. My skin feels soft and smooth and lightly scented throughout the day.

Of the 2 products, the body souffle is my favorite. But of course, together with the body wash, you can layer its scent and reap the benefits of both.

Now available in TNS Skin Lab stores. Body Wash 200ml - RM88, Body Souffle 200ml - RM108, and this range also has a hand and nail creme 60ml - RM98.
Christmas gift sets are also available now.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

AromaFabulous Fushia Fantastic Range Gift Sets Now At TNS Skinl@b Stores

When the introductory post on AromaFabulous Handmade Aromatherapy products was published at the end of last month, there were quite a number of inquiries on the availability of this brand in Malaysia.

Now the Skinny Lemon Haircare and Bodycare ranges, the Bamboo Mist Skincare and Rose I Love ranges are available in Urban Retreat spas (The Curve and Mont Kiara).

And there is also a new range from AromaFabulous, the Fushia Fantastic range of bodycare which is currently available in Christmas gift sets at TNS Skin L@b stores.

Some descriptions on products from the Fushia Fantastic range:

Fuchsia Fantastic Body Wash 200ml

A luxurious, high quality and natural body wash blending with fantastic Rose Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Rose Otto and more…with addition of Vitamin B5, Green Tea, Raspberry Fruit, Melon Fruit and Papaya Fruit essential oils. Naturally .

Fuchsia Fantastic Body Souffle 175ml

Fresh, rejuvenating, fabulous. Body Soufflé provides a deep and smooth all-over hydration for the body with a sensational and long-lasting aroma that will lift your senses and spirits. Naturally.

Fuchsia Fantastic Precious Hand & Nail Crème 60ml

A rich, sensuous and soothing non-greasy Crème blending Precious Rose, Neroli, Ylang Ylang, Grapefruit and Lavender essential oils to help protect your hands and nails.

*Prices for individual products are not available at time of writing.

Vonvon is currently trying out the Body Wash and Body Souffl
é. Reviews coming soon.......

AromaFabulous Fushia Fantastic range

AromaFabulous Fushia Fantastic Gift Pack A (RM88)
-Fushia Fantastic Body Wash 100ml
-Cool, Kiss! Lip Balm 5ml
-Fushia Fantastic Hand & Nail Creme 20ml

AromaFabulous Fushia Fantastic Gift Pack B (RM188)
-Fushia Fantastic Body Souffle 175ml
-Fushia Fantastic Body Wash 50ml
-Cool, Kiss! Lip Balm 5ml
-Fushia Fantastic Hand & Nail Creme 20ml

Other gift sets...........

*Images from AromaFabulous Malaysia Facebook page

Friday, November 26, 2010

100% Handmade Aromatherapy Products From AromaFabulous - By The Intrepid Beauty

NEW in Malaysia are AromaFabulous products which are hand-blended in Singapore and created from a combination of organic pure essential oils and ingredients. The founder of the AromaFabulous range of skincare and bodycare products is Sara Shih, a certified aromatherapist.

Some of the products which will be available are as follows:


Bamboo Mist Facial Care Range

(1) Bamboo Exfoliating Facial Cleansing Creme 200ml

Blended from Lavender, Lemon, Aloe Vera, Ginseng and Green Tea, it contains exfoliating beads. It's effective in removing all traces of makeup (note: not eye makeup as I always use a separate eye makeup remover) and leaves a pleasant scent on my face. I look forward to washing my face with this cleansing creme because of the scent. I apply a small amount on my dry face and wash off after massaging for a few seconds.

(2) Bamboo Antioxidant Facial Tonique 80ml

This small bottle is alcohol free and I use it in 2 ways, either applied with a cotton pad or spritz it on to my face whenever my skin feels dehydrated. The scent reminds me of Chinese herbs and no wonder as it contains herbal liquid extracts of Dang Gui, Green Tea and Ginseng. I wish the size of the bottle was slightly bigger as I like it and 80ml isn't a lot. Still, it's a good size for traveling.

(3) Ginseng & Green Tea Antioxidant Boost Moisturizer & Leave-on Masque 120ml

This is one of the heftiest/heaviest jars of moisturizers I've seen in a long time. Most moisturizers come in 50ml jars/bottles but this one is a mammoth 120ml. At first glance, it looks very thick but the texture isn't as creamy as it looks. Just a little will do for the entire face. Essential oils of Rose Geranium, Ylang Ylang & Lemon are used in this moisturizer. I've used it as an overnight masque and it absorbs much faster than other overnight masks in my collection. Every time I use it as an overnight masque, my face feels smooth, glowing and well moisturised the next morning. The only downside to this moisturizer is that it's really too heavy and bulky to bring along when you travel. Other than that, it's probably good value for money since it's more than twice the size of most moisturizers on the market.

Rose Escape Facial Skin Care Range

Rose Escape Eye Creme & Leave-on Masque 15ml

Contains aromatherapy oils of Rose Damascena, Chamomile Roman and Neroli Blossom. As the texture is quite thick, you'll only need a dab for both eyes. It has quite an overwhelming rose scent.

Overall comment on Skincare range:
Although I generally don't mind scent in skincare, some people may find the scent in the products to be too overwhelming. These are all aromatherapy skincare products after all so one would have to be partial to scented skincare to find these products appealing.


Skinny Lemon Body Care Range

Skinny Lemon Body Wash 200ml

It claims to have high slimming and detoxifying properties. I think I'm beyond help when it comes to slimming products of any shape or form so I can't say it's helped me in that respect. I use this product in 2 ways, I massage a few pumps of the product directly on to my skin or pump some of the product into my bath. The scent of lemons is quite intoxicating and relaxing. A very luxurious body wash for sure.

Skinny Lemon Body Lotion 150ml

This Body Lotion complements the Body Wash. I apply the Body Lotion as soon as I've towelled myself dry. It's formulated to restore skin tone and softness, hydrate the skin and attack cellulite beneath. It has a blend of Citruses, Marine Collagen, rich Shea Butter and Macadamia Nuts. It doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky and one pump is about all I need for the parts that need hydrating.

Skinny Lemon Scalp Cleanser 200ml

As a scalp cleanser, it is effective because my scalp doesn't feel itchy until the next shampoo. Prior to using this shampoo, I was having an itchy scalp problem no thanks to a new shampoo I was trying out (more on that in another review perhaps) so this Scalp Cleanser was a Godsend. However, it's the driest shampoo I've ever used. It's difficult to massage the shampoo into my hair because my hair feels all matted up when I use this Scalp Cleanser. I'm not quite sure why this is so but there's no doubt it is a pretty good Scalp Cleanser. Until I tried this Scalp Cleanser, I hadn't used a shampoo which rendered my scalp itch-free for up to 5 days.

Skinny Lemon Hair Conditioner 200ml

Unlike most other hair conditioners, this product can be used on the scalp. After using this Hair Conditioner, my hair is instantly smooth and smelling of lemons. Seriously, the first time I used the Scalp Cleanser and Hair Conditioner, my hair still had the lingering scent of lemons the day after the shampoo.

Overall comment on Bodycare range:
It'd be right up your alley if you love the scent of lemons. I do and I especially like the haircare products as my scalp didn't itch for days in between shampoos. If I can forget when was the last time I shampoo-ed my hair, that says something about the effectiveness of the products.

Note: Prices of the products are currently unavailable. I'll update here as soon as I'm informed on the retail outlets where the products are available. All products are free from chemical additives and preservatives such as sulphates, paraben, lanolin, mineral oil, artificial colour, ethoxylate, silicone, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), petrochemicals and other pollutants typically found in today's products.

For more information and details, please contact the Malaysian distributor, Zecca Limited, Or visit here.

The Intrepid Beauty

*Photos by TIB